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Ranger Pack2.png

Helldivers specially trained in scouting and assassination of high value targets, these Rangers are the first to drop into the unknown. Ranger training was standard procedure for all Helldivers in the early days of Super Earth, but has now become rarer.

  • The Ranger Uniform: a cosmetic appearance option consisting of a helmet, body armor and cape.
  • LHO-63 Camper: A designated marksman rifle with high power and accuracy traded for fire rate, few enemies take more than a few shots to kill.
  • Humblebee UAV drone: An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, capable of revealing enemies and hidden objectives at greater distances.


  • The Ranger Pack was available for free as part of a limited edition bundle until 28 April 2015. It is now available to buy for $2.99.
  • The first unit of Helldivers that was ever formed was apparently made up of fifty volunteers from the Regular Army's elite Ranger regiments.
  • The in-universe lore suggests that the SG-8 Punisher shotgun was, and still is, popular with Ranger specialized Helldivers.