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Fully upgraded LHO-63 Camper

This high calibre, semi-automatic, marksman rifle is great for taking out larger targets with a few well-placed shots. The LHO-63 is part of the Ranger equipment kit.

— Armory Description

Unlock Requirement

The LHO-63 Camper is part of the Ranger Pack and is automatically unlocked by purchasing the respective DLC.


Upgrade Requirements Cost Effect
Upgrade High Power Ammunition.png High Power Ammunition Research-point.png 2 Greatly increases damage.
Upgrade Increased Rate of Fire.png Increased Rate of Fire High Power Ammunition Research-point.png 2 Increases the amount of bullets fired/minute.

High Power Ammunition

  • Exchanges standard ammunition for specialized match rounds with a higher-energy powder load and improved ballistic performance. Greatly increases damage per shot.

Increased Rate of Fire

  • A modified receiver and gas system allows for a higher rate of fire without sacrificing reliability. Significantly increases the rate of fire.

Weapon Stats

  • Helldivers start missions with 6 magazines and can carry up to a maximum of 12. Each magazine contains 8 rounds. If 2 or less rounds remain in the magazine when the weapon is fired, the 'low ammunition' warning sound will play and red tracer rounds will fire.
  • The Camper takes 2.5 seconds to reload when empty and 1.25 seconds with ammunition remaining in the magazine. Performing a tactical reload with ammo left in the magazine keeps a round in the chamber as well, giving the Camper a maximum of 9 shots before needing to be reloaded again.
LHO-63 'Camper' Detailed Analysis
Weapon Info Additional Notes
Unlock Rank Rank 1 Unlocked via DLC
Weapon Type Primary
Weapon Category Precision
Fire Mode Semi-auto
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Damage 200 300* * Requires High Powered Rounds upgrade
Center Mass Damage 300 450* * Requires High Powered Rounds upgrade
AP Ammo Armor Reduction 0 0
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Cyclic Rate of Fire (RPM) 102 162 Requires Increased Rate of Fire upgrade
Capacity 8 + 1 8 + 1
Starting Mags 6 6
Max Mags 12 12
Empty Reload Speed 2.5 s 2.5 s
Tactical Reload Speed 1.25 s 1.25 s Keeps one round in the chamber
Spread Fixed firing pattern
Max Range 30 m 30 m
Bullet Spread Simulation todo

Gameplay Tips

  • The Camper's high damage and accuracy allow it to excel at eliminating patrols outside the effective or recommended ranges of almost every other weapon in the game. It is well suited to a DMR role as experienced players with quick aim can pick off patrols well before they come within detection range in addition to taking out high priority targets after the alarm has been raised. It also fares admirably at taking out enemies swarming around teammates or objectives so long as its user remains accurate.
  • It is of utmost importance to ensure every shot hits close to or exactly at a right angle and dead center of its target, as the Camper only deals 2/3 damage on off-center shots. Its only other major drawback is its incredibly limited ammunition supply at 105 rounds, including one in the chamber. Bringing a Resupply Pack or Stratagem Priority will counter this shortcoming and allow much more liberal use of the Camper. Players unfamiliar with sniper-type weapons may wish to bring a Laser Aim Module as a learning aid until they are comfortable with the Camper's handling.
  • Counting shots and monitoring remaining ammo is a must with the Camper to avoid needing to reload mid-combat at awkward times or when a patrol is about to sound the alarm. It is recommended to reload after 7 shots on the first mag and after 8 shots on every subsequent reload, resulting in reload times being cut in half and no ammo being discarded between reloads.
  • The Camper's limited ammunition reserve and small magazine size make it ill-suited to take on groups of extremely durable enemies such as Cyborg Butchers and Bug Brood Commanders. Consider using stratagems and fire support from your team to conserve ammo.


  • Due to the way latency is handled in the game, Camper rounds may appear to "overpenetrate" certain enemies, letting it take out up to two enemies at once during online play. While not unique to the Camper, it is no less a useful quirk of the game that can be exploited to conserve ammo.
  • The Camper's official designation of "LHO-63" is possibly a reference to Lee Harvey Oswald, a former American Marine and Marxist who assassinated United States President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.
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