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The Mission Control in Helldivers 2 is responsible for conducing tactical support for the Helldivers during their operations.

Voice Lines


Approaching Main Objective

Approaching Sub-Objective

  • "Sub-objective near your location."

Delivering SSSD Hard Drive to Communicatons Relay

  • "Asset secured."

Completing the Radar Station Optional Objective

  • "Mission map updated."


Requesting a Backpack

  • "Deploying equipment package."

Requesting a Support Weapon

Requesting a Sentry

  • "Sending down sentry. "

Requesting an Orbital Strike

Requesting an Orbital Barrage

  • ""

Requesting a Hellbomb

  • ""

Death and Reinforcement

Solo Helldiver dies


  • "Request approved; reinforcements have been launched."

1 Reinforcement left

  • "Reinforcements budget running low."

0 Reinforcements left

Gained 1 Reinforcement

  • ""

Warnings and Reminders

After completing the Main Objective, periodically

Helldiver is within 150m of a Mortar Emplacement

  • "Warning! You are in range of enemy artillery."

Mission Timer Countdown

  • 30 minutes
  • "Mission at 20 minutes remaining."
  • 10 minutes
  • "5 minutes remaining. I repeat, 5 minutes remaining."
  • "1 minute remains! Destroyer departure imminent."

Extraction Arrival Countdown