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— Galactic War Terminal Description

The Radar Station is an Optional Objective contained in a Human structure. To complete the Objective, Helldivers must raise and realign the dish. Once reactivated, will mark all Terminid Nests/Automaton Outposts, Optional Objectives, and Minor Places of Interest on the map.

Objective Steps

  • Activate Terminal
    • Pressing the interact button on the terminal powers it on, then Helldivers must confirm the prompt "Raise Radar Tower?" by interacting with the terminal and pressing the up button. After 35 seconds, the Radar Tower has been raised.
  • Align Radar Tower
    • Helldivers must now spin the Radar Dish at the Radar Tower, until it has been aligned with the direction shown on the terminal. Then, Helldivers must interact with the terminal and confirm the activation by pressing the up button.
  • Reward: 200 Requisition, 50 Experience

Tactical Information

  • Communication is key for a quick and easy completion. Helldivers may use degrees, compass directions, or hours on a clock to communicate the sweet spot to other Helldivers.
  • Alternatively, Helldivers may simply spin the Radar Dish until they hear a beep from the terminal.
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