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Support Helldivers are much loved by their squad mates and bring both firepower and medical aid to any squad they join. Wearing the classic grey cape with a black cross they project an aura of capable concern for fellow humans.

  • The Support Uniform: A cosmetic appearance option consisting of a helmet, body armor and cape.
  • LAS-16 Sickle: A carbine based on laser technology, modified to behave more as a regular assault rifle. It overheats quickly but well placed shots do excellent damage and the virtually unlimited ammunition is invaluable in tight situations.
  • AD-289 Angel: A backpack drone system, with an automated healing and repair drone that will try to help all friendly targets in its vicinity. It will land in the backpack to refill the restorative substance.


  • The Support Pack DLC was released on 17 March 2015 and is available to buy on its own (for $2.99) or as part of the Reinforcement Pack DLC bundle (for $5.99) which also includes the Commando Pack and Defender Pack DLCs.
  • Support Helldivers are currently the closest thing the game has to a dedicated medic class, even more so if they have the REP-80 repair tool stratagem to hand (with a touch of combat engineer to boot, given that it also allows them to repair vehicles, turrets, etc.!).