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Disambig.svg This article is about the Transport Shuttle Series. For the Extraction Shuttle and its NPC Pilot, see Pelican 1.

Pelicans are the Super Destroyer's transport shuttles. They are responsible for extracting Helldivers after a successful mission, transporting fuel back to the Super Destroyer in the fuel transport mission, and for deploying the Patriot Exosuit.

Lore/Technical Info

Pelican shuttles are tiltwing single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) transport craft, with a medium-caliber (exact round unknown) autocannon mounted underneath the cockpit. Pelicans are restricted to vertical take-off and landing only due to the design of their landing gear. Each shuttle can transport up to four passengers at a time with an internal crew compartment; additionally, heavy cargo (such as fuel tanks and the Patriot Exosuit) can be mounted to the underside of the shuttle for transport.

Although the Pelican shuttles' engines seem to be just jet engines, they are apparently capable of both atmospheric and vacuum operation, suggesting they are actually some type of advanced rocket engine, combined-cycle engine (featuring both airbreathing and closed-cycle operation modes), or are nuclear thermal jets. Whatever engine type it may be, it must be incredibly efficient; the design of the shuttles suggests very little fuel volume (at least, very little fuel volume compared to what one would expect from a single-state-to-orbit spacecraft).