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The largest known Terminid strain, a single Bile Titan can destroy an entire SEAF platoon on its own. Engagement is not recommended without the support of heavy duty Orbital Stratagems or a high personnel replacement budget.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

The Bile Titan is a massive, heavily-armored Terminid that appears to be the final growth stage of a Bile Spitter. Despite its size, it can quickly catch up to Helldivers, spewing its lethal bile onto them similarly to Bile Spewer. Helldivers near it can also be crushed by its hulking claws.

They can be found on Challenging difficulty as an Elimination Target and begin to spawn naturally and more frequently as difficulty increases.

Tactical Information

  • Bile Titans are one of the toughest enemies the Helldivers will face, requiring teamwork and/or strong Stratagems. The safest ways to defeat them are:
    • Using the Orbital Railcannon Strike stratagem. However, as its angle depends where you are on the map, the Railcannon typically hits the Bile Titan's body instead of its head, unless it is near the edge of the map, and facing the center of the map over which the Super Destroyer is located. However, even a body hit still deals a significant amount of damage to a Bile Titan, leaving it near death, and at that point destroying its bile sacs (see below) is always enough to kill it.
      • Eagle 110mm Rocket Pods are similar to Orbital Railcannon Strike, as they will also most likely only damage the Bile Titan.
    • Using the Eagle 500kg Bomb stratagem. Near-direct impact is required to take down a Bile Titan with one strike. The difficulty is not accuracy, but the speed with which it can move away from the impact point during the delay while the Eagle is making its approach flight. However, the Bile Titan remains completely stationary for several seconds while it performs its bile-spewing attack (which can be dodged by a Helldiver), leaving it vulnerable to an easy direct hit from a well-placed 500kg bomb.
      • If Eagle 500kg Bomb is placed well enough, it will attach to the Bile Titan and explode directly on it.
    • High-Explosive-Anti-Tank weapons, such as the EAT-17 Expendable Anti-Tank and GR-8 Recoilless Rifle, are capable of killing a Bile Titan in two hits to its head. The FAF-14 Spear can one-shot a Titan if it hits its head, though this requires very specific, close-range angles with near-perfect accuracy. This is best learned through trial and error and typically requires being in dangerously close proximity to a Titan.
    • Using the RS-422 Railgun in Unsafe mode to shoot a Bile Titan in the head, though this takes some time.
    • Hellpods can deal significant damage to a Bile Titan, making sacrifices a desperate but valid strategy.
    • Rockets fired from the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit can kill the Titan with two hits to the head and five to six rockets to the body.
    • NUX-223 Hellbomb or SEAF Mini-Nuke can easily kill BIle Titans from a long range.
    • Orbital Laser is usable but ineffective weapon against Bile Titans. Similarly to Orbital Railcannon it can leave Bile Titan on the brink of death, but takes significantly more time to deal its damage.
    • ARC-3 Arc Thrower can penetrate Bile Titan armor, but its damage is to be desired taking approximately 12 shots to the head and 70 to the body.
  • The Bile Titan has two sacs under its body, one under the abdomen and one under the thorax. Destroying both sacs will not only heavily damage a Titan, but also prevent it from spewing its bile, forcing it to use its claws. Note that after at least one sac is destroyed Titan will approach closer and try to stomp helldivers more aggressively. This could sometimes be counterproductive to other kill methods.
  • Stun Grenades don't affect Bile Titans.
  • If shots from weapons such as EAT-17 Expendable Anti-Tank or LAS-99 Quasar Cannon are placed well, they can completely destroy the abdomen, making the Bile Titan a weaker target.
  • When you die, you can try to drop on the Bile Titan. This will deal a lot of damage to it or maybe even destroy its abdomen. This can be done easier if you have the Power Steering module unlocked.
  • Their legs are almost completely invulnerable to damage.


Bile Titan Part Details
Part Name Health* AV** Location Front Location Side Durable %To Main*** Bleed Fatal
3500 Armor AV5 Icon.png Bile Titan Exposed.png Bile Titan Exposed Side.png 100% - - Yes
Head 750 Armor AV5 Icon.png Bile Titan Head.png Bile Titan Head Side.png 95% 100% None Yes
Torso 650 Armor AV5 Icon.png Bile Titan Torso.png Bile Titan Torso Side.png 100% 100% None No
Inner Torso Main Armor AV0 Icon.png Bile Titan Exposed Torso.png Bile Titan Exposed Torso Side.png 100% 100% None No
Inner Body Main Armor AV4 Icon.png Bile Titan Exposed Belly.png Bile Titan Exposed Belly Side.png 100% 100% None No
Lower Butt 1250 Armor AV5 Icon.png Bile Titan Belly Lower.png Bile Titan Belly Lower Side.png 100% 100% None Yes
Legs 1500 Armor AV6 Icon.png Bile Titan Legs.png Bile Titan Legs Side.png 100% 100% 1500 Yes
Leg Armor 500 Armor AV6 Icon.png Bile Titan Legs.png Bile Titan Legs Side.png 100% 100% None No
Arms 400 Armor AV5 Icon.png Bile Titan Arms.png Bile Titan Arms Side.png 0% 100% None No
* Parts with their HP listed as "Main" do not have their own individual health. All damage dealt to these parts is dealt to the enemy's Main damage pool.
** Refer to armor values as defined in Damage.
*** The percentage of damage that applied to the enemies Main damage pool. At 0 HP, the enemy dies.


  • Bile Titans have their own unique music theme[1] when they spawn/engage a player. It overrides the standard Terminid combat music until all engaged Titans are killed. This can be used to predict Bile Titan encounters.
  • Bile Titans may be inspired by the Hierophant Bio-Titan employed by the Tyranids in Warhammer 40,000.

Change History




  • The Bile Titan’s head is slightly less durable against weaker anti-tank weapons.
  • Bile Titan puke can now only damage the Helldiver 4 times per second.
  • Bile Titan puke can no longer damage Helldivers multiple times with the same projectile.
  • Bile Titan puke now has a bigger spread.
  • The acid effect applied by Bile Titans and other Terminids now allows you to sprint while under the effect.
  • Acid now slows you by 30% instead of 50%.
  • Acid duration increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.


  • Fixed issue where Helldivers could be launched into the air if close to a Bile Titan or Factory Strider corpse.



  • The Bile Titan can no longer be stunned.



  • Reduced the spawn rate of Bile Titans on difficulties 7 and up.
  • Reduced the risk of spawn spikes of Bile Titans.
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