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X-45 is a Planet in Helldivers 2 located in the Ymir Sector. During the First Galactic War, it housed an Advanced Weapons Lab, but Super Earth was forced to abandon the Lab due to dangerously high levels of radiation covering the planet. After 100 years, the radiation eventually subsided to completely safe levels, allowing for Super Earth recolonize the planet and excavate the Lab and any equipment remaining in it.


X-45 was a planet controlled by Super Earth and housed an Advanced Weapons Lab during the First Galactic War. The Advanced Weapons Lab was developing an interplanetary battle station, but due to dangerously high levels of radiation covering the planet, the entire planet was abandoned and quarantined. Despite the Cyborgs Rebellion being quashed, Super Earth would not make any attempts in returning to the planet for 100 years.

During the events of the Second Galactic War, Super Earth High Command would discover that the planet's radiation levels were subsiding, and it was possible for them to recover the abandoned plans inside of it. Despite being inside Automaton territory for so long, no attempts were made by them to invade the planet, but they soon became aware of the planet's importance (potentially through the use of cyber attacks), and attempted to capture the planet. Despite their efforts, they were repelled by the Helldivers, and could not take the planet. During the excavation, still-functioning weaponry from the First Galactic War was recovered from inside the nearly-intact Lab.


  • July 3rd, 2024 - High Command order the Helldivers to defend X-45 from Automaton invasion long enough for the plans for the battle station to be excavated from the abandoned Advanced Weapons Lab. Despite being abandoned for so long, the Advanced Weapons Lab was largely intact.