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Formerly homeworld of the Cyborgs from Helldivers.

Cyberstan is a Planet in Helldivers 2


Backstory: Cyberstan was discovered by Super Earth around 200 years before the events of Helldivers 2. It was full of rich metals and ores which they quickly began to take advantage of and sent many, many people to work on the mines. These same people, due to the amount of metal in Cyberstan found a way to make themselves part-robot. Robotic limbs and parts that could help them in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, these workers saw their working conditions as "horrid" and decided to declare their independence from Super Earth. They called themselves the Cyborgs. Super Earth declined their independence and so they were inducted as enemies. After the events of the First Galactic War, the remaining Cyborgs were imprisoned on Cyberstan to go back to their roots, mining. Cyberstan became the most supported planet in the galaxy. This was a direct result of the planets past-controlled by the Cyborgs fearing their possible return. Planets like Aurora Bay and Choohe were big supporters of simply eradicating the Cyborg threat, but of course, Super Earth aren't monsters. Somehow though, the Cyborgs' supposed "Children" made their way into hiding and became dedicated to freeing their communist creators.

Start of Second Galactic War: Cyberstan was a very well-defended planet when the Second Galactic War began and everybody knew that the Automatons' goal was to take control of Cyberstan. Cyberstan was very independent during this time, mostly keeping to itself and playing it very safe.

April 9, 2024: With the success of Operation Swift Disassembly, most thought the Automaton threat was under control, but they launched a massive attack on the very planets afraidrstan wa of the rebellion. Cybes targeted and heavily sieged upon. It was captured in a very short amount of time, the defenses seemingly doing nothing. Cyberstan is currently deep under Automaton control and nobody knows what the newly freed Cyborgs may be doing.