The Reclamation

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Most of the battles that occurred during reclamation can be found on Battle Tracker.

HIGH PRIORITY BROADCAST. ALL UNITS TO LIBCON 1. FEDERATION UNDER ATTACK. MULTIPLE PLANETS HAVE FALLEN. A massive Automaton Invasion Fleet, comprising tens of thousands of warships, arrived from FTL jump to the Valdis Sector and overran nearly every planet in just hours. Attacks on communications networks delayed warning until now. SEAF reserves are scrambling. All Helldivers are called to deploy immediately to the defense. This Fleet dwarfs the Automaton armies destroyed in Operation Swift Disassembly. As we predicted from the start, they were merely a vanguard. This is the Automatons' true force. Where the Automatons hid this fleet, and what their true intentions are—those questions must be answered later. The Reclamation has begun.

— Announcement of the begging of Reclamation. April 9th.


Most of the people knew, that Automatons were probably created by The Cyborgs. Before Operation Swift Disassembly eradicated Automatons from the galaxy, Automatons seemed to be heading towards Cyberstan, where Cyborgs were forced to work in mines.

On 27th of March when the Operation Swift Disassembly was announced, The High Command also announced that Automatons are planning something called "The Reclamation".

The Reclamation

On April 7th, Operation Swift Disassembly succeeded. Eradicating the automatons from the galaxy (for 2 days).

On April 9th, 2 days after Automatons were eradicated, a massive assault on Valdis Sector, Lacaille Sector and Hydra Sector was initiated by Automatons, that invaded these 3 sectors using a fleet 10 times larger than the forces that were eradicated during the Swift Disassembly. The whole Valdis Sector and a part of Lacaille Sector nearly immediately were captured by Automaton fleet.

SEAF Engineers established the Menkent Line on ...