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There is an in-depth Guide on acquiring Super Samples solo.

The Super Sample Rock is a small natural structure, which can be found during missions. It's a tall rock shaped like a chicken drumstick and has silvery veins running across. Perceptive Helldivers may find it from several meters away and on the map. Despite its name it frequently generates on lower difficulty missions, where it simply serves as a distinctive landmark and may occasionally have supplies or other non-sample items depending on the variant that spawns.

Minor Place of Interest

Silvery Rock Variations
Variation Image Contents Note
Wiped Squad Silvery Rock POI Supplies.png Frequent on Trivial Difficulty Icon.pngTrivial - Extreme Difficulty Icon.pngExtreme and rare on Suicide Difficulty Icon.pngSuicide Mission - Helldive Difficulty Icon.pngHelldive (spawns in addition to Super Uranium variant).
Super Uranium Super Samples/Super Uranium near the base of the silvery rock PoI on Maia. Quantity of Super Samples varies by difficulty.
Guaranteed on difficulties:
* Extreme Difficulty Icon.pngExtreme (2~3 samples)
* Suicide Difficulty Icon.pngSuicide Mission (3~4 samples)
* Impossible Difficulty Icon.pngImpossible (?~? samples)
* Helldive Difficulty Icon.pngHelldive (?~? samples)
Double Trouble Two for the price of one!


Unknown spawning

Tactical Information

  • Due to the vertical size of this rock, it may be spotted from far away.
    • Also, it can be found on the map as a silver blob.


Due to the rock's distinctive shape and appearance, it has garnered many less-than-flattering nicknames from members of the Helldiver community.