Operation Swift Disassembly

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Operation Swift Disassembly was a military operation against the Automatons during the Second Galactic War in Helldivers 2. It was a significant mission aimed at completely eradicating the Automatons. Each phase was designed to serve a different purpose to achieve that goal.

Phase I: Disrupt Communications

The goal of phase I was to disrupt enemy communications, vital for crippling their coordination and intelligence capabilities. It would also allow obtaining critical intelligence about an unknown Automaton plan called "The Reclamation." High Command managed to identify a long-range communications array on the planet Troost in the Trigon Sector, deep in Automaton space. The mission was a success and a mysterious broadcast was discovered being sent outside of the Galactic Frontier. Unfortunately, the bots managed to delete further information and Super Earth analysts were unable to determine more.

Phase II: Reduce Non-Sentient Combatant Production

Phase II of the operation aimed to destroy the production centers of enemy combatants. The most significant Automaton factory was identified to be located on the planet Tibit in the Severin Sector, and promptly a massive attack was launched to reclaim the planet. Unfortunately, due to indecision, thousands of Helldivers remained on other fronts, fighting the bots on Malevelon Creek or containing the bugs on Terminid-controlled worlds. As a result, the planet was not claimed on time and the Automatons managed to move their production to other locations. Operation Swift Disassembly was briefly put on pause in order to focus on the liberation of the infamous Malevelon Creek, which fell in mere hours under the focused might of the Helldivers.

Phase III: Hold Ground

After the heroic liberation of Malevelon Creek, it was time to continue Operation Swift Disassembly. The Automatons, anticipating their impending doom, had put their whole remaining resources into launching a large scale counterattack. To prevent their spread back into Super Earth territory, phase III was planned to defend the strategically located planets of Malevelon Creek, Ubanea, and Draupnir. The bots devised new types of units (gunships and factory striders) to try and overwhelm Super Earth forces, but their efforts turned out to be in vain as Helldivers managed to valiantly defend their homeland.

Phase IV: Annihilation

Having pushed off the Automaton attack, Helldivers were ready to take the fight back to them. High Command ordered the liberation of the last remaining Automaton worlds of Tibit, Durgen, and Maia. Eventually, the last bot fell and the Automaton threat was no more, at least for the time being.


Initially, Operation Swift Disassembly appeared to be a success, with the Helldivers eliminating all visible Automaton threats, which led to a brief moment of celebration as it seemed that peace had been restored. However, this victory was short-lived, as the Automatons soon returned in greater numbers, revealing that the initial forces were just a vanguard. A much larger fleet has launched an assault on various planets, including Cyberstan, in an effort known as the Reclamation.