Varylia 5

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Varylia 5 is a Planet in Helldivers 2. It is one of the five planets that reside within the Trigon Sector.


In May 2024, Varilya 5 became the target of a Major Order. Super Earth high command said:

"Surveillance satellite "Security" has acquired imagery of a massive Automaton factory on the planet Varylia 5. Structural analysis indicates a clear resemblance to the famed Morgunson Arsenal on Tien Kwan. Clearly, this is a crude attempt at replicating the quality craftsmanship of that facility. But this Automaton "Petafactory," as enemy transmissions call it, is merely an abberant imitation. Its only purpose is to mass-produce weapons of war, in order to further the Automatons' totalitarian agenda. Its worker drones are forced to labor nonstop, and the environmental impacts are devastating. However, this un-Democratic abomination may yet be turned to an instrument of Freedom. With low-cost alterations, the Petafactory could be retrofitted to allow the construction of a dual-autocannon Exosuit variant: the EXO-49 EMANCIPATOR EXOSUIT. The Helldivers are ordered to liberate Varylia 5 immediately—before it becomes to despotic to salvage."

The Helldivers eventually liberated the planet, giving them access to the EXO-49 EMANCIPATOR EXOSUIT.