Terminid Control System

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Terminid control system tower
Terminid Control System tower.

The Terminid Control System (also known as the TCS) was a network of massive, Termicide-dispensing towers built by SEAF engineers in Helldivers 2. Its purpose was to quarantine the Terminid advance after their escape from E-710 farms prior to the beginning of the Second Galactic War.


Helldivers were tasked with activating the Terminid Control System as a part of a Major Order in March 2024 in an event-exclusive mission type: Activate Terminid Control System.

During the Major Order that started on 29th of April, Helldivers were tasked with deactivating the TCS on Erata Prime, Fenrir III and Turing, which included an event-exclusive mission type: Deactivate Terminid Control System.


The Terminid Control System, and their towers, were strategically placed planet-wide in the Umlaut Sector, which consisted of the four planets of Erata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, and Turing (collectively known as the Barrier Planets). Initial deployment of the towers were largely successful, with TCS showing promising results of eliminating nearly all Terminids on those planets. Despite the initial success, the continuous deployment of the Termicide caused the remaining Terminids to mutate, which resulted in them reproducing at a highly increased rate.

On 29th of April, this critical failure erupted out of control as all barrier planets became overrun with Terminids, requiring Helldivers to deploy to the sector and shut the TCS down. Despite deactivating it, the damage could not be reversed, as Meridia became a Supercolony and any initial attempts to squash it were impossible. Despite this setback, beginning on the 30th of May, Helldivers would be sent down to Meridia to eliminate the Supercolony, with the goal of completely destroying the last barrier planet with the use of Dark Fluid.