Vernen Wells

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Vernen Wells is a Planet in Helldivers 2.


SEAF Training Facilities

In response to rapid mobilization, Vernen Wells, Aesir Pass, Heeth, and Angel's Venture were selected to house new training facilities for Super Earth Armed Forces recruits. The Helldivers, who were ordered to defend these planets to allow for safe facility construction, successfully protected them. The facilities increased SEAF support to the front lines, boosting liberation efforts across the galaxy. This support would be active as long as the aforementioned planets were under Super Earth control.

Vernen Wells would eventually fall to the Automatons, destroying the training facilities on the planet and reducing liberation efforts.

Trapped Citizens at Children’s Hospital

Despite the destruction of the SEAF facilities, thousands of citizens (and children) remained alive but trapped under the rubble of the Super Citizen Anne’s Hospital for Very Sick Children. High Command received a distress signal from the hospital due to dwindling supplies, but intercepted Automaton communications also revealed an explosive repository on Marfark crucial to the production of the MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines. Under a Major Order, Helldivers would only have time to save one--the citizens and children on Vernen Wells, or the explosive repository on Marfark.

Upon liberating Aesir Pass, the Helldivers quickly descended onto Vernen Wells, liberating the planet in roughly two days. Thanks to their efforts, thousands of citizens and 4,311 very sick children were rescued.


  • Along with three other planets, they are the first planets in Helldivers 2 that can give Helldivers a passive boost in their liberation efforts through the SEAF training facilities. Unfortunately, due to the lack of defensive action from the Helldivers, the planet was lost in its defense, which completely destroyed the SEAF training facilities on it.
    • During the defense of Vernen Wells when it still contained the SEAF training facilities, some Helldivers believed that if the planet was lost in the defense, but subsequently recaptured, the liberation bonus would remain. This was not the case, which was confirmed by Community Managers, and the bonus would be forever lost. In response to the community's confusion, Super Earth High Command began sending dispatches that notified if any of the remaining three SEAF training facility planets came under attack.