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Disambig.svg This article is about the mini map during a mission. For the Galactic War Table, see Galactic War Table.

The map is an in-mission tool used to identify Minor Places of Interest and Objectives, while also operating as a radar that can detect enemy size and presence.


The map contains several icons which can be used to identify specific locations related to a mission.

List of Map Icons
Icon Name Description


Each large square is 65mx65m and each inner square is 13mx13m.

Notable Behaviors

When a Minor Place of Interest is first discovered, it will appear on the map as a image icon. It will also send a message in the in-game chat indicating that a player has discovered a Minor Place of Interest accompanied by a matching voice line. It will then become a image icon once Helldivers have taken all the Samples.

Radar Stations

The Radar Station, once reactivated, will mark all Terminid Nests/Automaton Outposts, Optional Objectives, and Minor Places of Interest on the map.