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The Automaton Outpost is an Optional Objective contained within a group of Automaton structures. They contain a number of Automaton Fabricators. These may periodically create Automatons of various types depending on the difficulty of the mission. Minor Places of Interest cannot spawn near structures. It also contains Automaton MG Emplacements, Despotic Explosives, Barbed Wire and Proximity Mines. To complete this Optional Objective, Helldivers must destroy all Automaton Fabricators, after which Automatons cease spawning from them. It will always have Samples within it.

Optional Objective

While in the area of operation, Helldivers may optionally destroy Automaton Fabricators. When a Helldiver enters the Automaton Outpost, they will call out that they have discovered it (if it wasn't marked on the map already), and the Side Objective of "Eradicate Automaton Fabricators" pops up on the right side of the HUD. The task of the Side Objective is "Destroy all Fabricators". Successful destruction of an Automaton Outpost is rewarded in form of Experience and Requisition at the end of the mission, scaled depending on how big the Outpost was.

Caption text
Outpost Size Amounts of Fabricators Rewards
Small 1 - 3
Medium 1 - ?


Inside the Outpost, Helldivers may find Common and Rare Samples, and sometimes even a Malfunctioning Hellpod, containing either a backpack or a support weapon.

Tactical Information

  • The approximate location of Automaton Outposts may also be found on the minimap via red marked spots.
  • There are various ways of destroying Fabricators. Helldivers are advised to stand clear, because the Fabricator will explode.
  • The destruction of half of the Outposts in the entire area of operations will cause an increase of patrol spawns.
    • Helldivers are advised to weigh the potential pros and cons of clearing an Outpost in proximity of their location vs having more patrol spawns during their mission in higher difficulties.


Main Objectives
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Optional Objectives