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Perks are unique bonuses or special equipment that enhance the abilities of individual Helldivers. Players can only equip one Perk at a time and most are unlocked upon reaching certain Ranks.

Perk Rank Effect
Laser Aim Module Laser Aim Module perksmall.png All Adds a red laser sight to the main weapon and sidearm.
Stun Grenades Stun Grenades perksmall.png 5 Swap standard grenades for stun grenades that don't cause damage, but halt movement for about 5 seconds.
Heavy Armor Heavy Armour perksmall.png 8 Allows a Helldiver to take more damage, at the trade-off of slower sprint speed.
Stratagem Priority Stratagem Priority perksmall.png 10 Lowers the cooldown of all Stratagems by 40%.
Cardio Accelerator Cardio Accelerator perksmall.png 12 Increases sprint speed and duration.
MD-99 Autoinjector MD-99 Autoinjector perksmall.png 13 Increases rate of health generation and speeds up recovery from downed state.
Smoke Grenades Smoke Grenades perksmall.png 15 Swap standard grenades for smoke grenades that block line of sight for all enemies. Smoke cloud lasts approx. 15 seconds.
Incendiary Grenades Incendiary Grenades perksmall.png 17 Swap standard grenades for incendiary grenades that leave a fire behind after detonation.
Displacement Field Displacement Field perksmall.png 19 A field generator that automatically teleports the user to safety when taking heavy damage. Operates on a 35-second cooldown.
Strong Arm Strong Arm perksmall.png 26 Increases throwing range and melee damage.
P-6 Gunslinger P-6 Gunslinger perksmall.png * Exchanges the standard Helldiver sidearm with a heavy revolver.
FLAM-24 Pyro FLAM-24 Pyro perksmall.png * Exchanges the standard Helldiver sidearm with a compact flamer.
PLAS-3 Singe PLAS-3 Singe perksmall.png * Exchanges the standard Helldiver sidearm with a plasma pistol.
All Terrain Boots All Terrain Boots perksmall.png * Lessens the slowing impact of difficult terrain.
Precision Call-In Precision Call-In perksmall.png * Lowers all Stratagem call-in times by 1 second.
  • Perk is unlocked immediately upon purchase of the relevant DLC.