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Stun silhouette.png

Swap standard grenades for stun grenades that don't cause damage, but halt movement for about 5 seconds.

Unlock Requirement

The Stun Grenades unlock at rank 5 (Warrant).

Weapon Stats

Stun Grenade Detailed Analysis
Weapon Info Additional Notes
Unlock Rank Rank 5
Weapon Type Grenade
Weapon Category Stun
Fire Mode Thrown
Base Additional Notes
Anti-Personnel Explosive Damage 0
Anti-Personnel Explosion Radius 6.0 m
Direct Explosive Damage 0
Direct Explosion Radius 4.0 m
Stun Effect Duration 5 s
AP Ammo Armor Reduction 0
Base Additional Notes
Capacity 2 Picking up an ammo crate gives up to 2 grenades.

Gameplay Tips

  • While Helldivers' movements are greatly slowed by getting stunned, this can be mitigated by going prone repeatedly or utilizing the LIFT-850 Jump Pack to get clear of the area.


  • Grenade Perks now display correct icons of current grenades when chosen during the mission, this was added in Patch 7.01.

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