Cutting Edge Premium Warbond

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Cutting Edge Premium Warbond Cover Image.png

The Cutting Edge Premium Warbond is a store page that is part of the Warbonds menu. The release of this Warbond also came with the release of a new Armor Passive, Electrical Conduit, which provides 95% damage resistance against arc damage. All three armor sets have this passive. This Warbond also released a new booster called Localization Confusion which reduces the cool down times between enemy reinforcements by 10%.



Medal.svg 230 Medals needed to be spent to unlock all pages.
Medal.svg 672 Medals needed to claim all items.
Super Credit.svg 300 Super Credits claimable from pages.
Super Credit.svg 1,000 Super Credits needed to unlock warbond.

Page 1

Total cost of page: Medal.svg 93

Medal.svg 2
Botslayer Player Card Warbond.png
Medal.svg 8
Botslayer Cape Warbond.png
Medal.svg 18
Booster Warbond Premium Tall.png
Medal.svg 7
Super Credits Warbond Premium.png
Medal.svg 20
LAS-16 Sickle Weapon Warbond.png
Medal.svg 8
Head Tap Victory Pose Warbond.png
Medal.svg 18
EX-03 Prototype 3 Armor Warbond.png
Medal.svg 12
EX-03 Prototype 3 Helmet Warbond.png

Page 2

Total cost of page: Medal.svg 217

Medals spent to unlock: Medal.svg 60

Medal.svg 15
Shotgun Show Victory Pose Warbond.png
Medal.svg 45
EX-16 Prototype 16 Armor Warbond.png
Medal.svg 35
EX-16 Prototype 16 Helmet Warbond.png
Medal.svg 20
Martyris Rex Cape Warbond.png
Medal.svg 5
Martyris Rex Player Card Warbond.png
Medal.svg 25
G-23 Stun Throwable Warbond.png
Medal.svg 12
Super Credits Warbond Premium.png
Medal.svg 60
SG-8P Punisher Plasma Weapon Warbond.png

Page 3

Total cost of page: Medal.svg 362

Medals spent to unlock: Medal.svg 230

Medal.svg 16
Agent of Oblivion Player Card Warbond.png
Medal.svg 30
Agent of Oblivion Cape Warbond.png
Medal.svg 60
LAS-7 Dagger Weapon Warbond.png
Medal.svg 32
Super Credits Warbond Premium.png
Medal.svg 80
ARC-12 Blitzer Weapon Warbond.png
Medal.svg 32
Presentable Victory Pose Warbond.png
Medal.svg 64
EX-00 Prototype X Armor Warbond.png
Medal.svg 48
EX-00 Prototype X Helmet Warbond.png



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