GP-31 Grenade Pistol

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A pistol that fires grenades. Must be reloaded between shots.

— Armory Description

The GP-31 Grenade Pistol is a single shot pistol that fires powerful grenades at a medium range. Without the Hellpod Space Optimization Booster, it has 5 out of 8 shells. The reload time is about 2 seconds.


It is unlocked on the Page 3 of Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond for Medal.svg 60 Medals

Detailed Weapon Statistics

GP-31 Grenade Pistol
Fire Rate 900 rpm
Recoil 43
Capacity 1
Reload Time 2 s
Spare Rounds 8
Starting Rounds 4
Rounds from Supply 2
Rounds from Ammo Box 1
Grenade 40mm HEAT Projectile
Grenade 40mm HE Mk2 Explosion
Grenade 40mm HEAT
Caliber 40 mm
Mass 50 g
Initial Velocity 100 m/s
Drag Factor 120%
Gravity Factor 100%
Penetration Slowdown 25%
Standard 250
vs. Durable 250
Direct Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Slight Angle Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Large Angle Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Extreme Angle Armor AP0 Icon.png Unarmored
Special Effects
Demolition Force 30
Stagger Force 40
Push Force 10
Grenade 40mm HE Mk2
Area of Effect
Inner Radius 2.25 m
Outer Radius 6.5 m
Shockwave Radius 8 m
Inner Radius 400
Outer Radius 399 - 0
Inner Radius Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Outer Radius Armor AP2 Icon.png Light II
Shockwave Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
AoE Effect
Demolition Force 30
Stagger Force 25
Push Force 30

Tactical Information

  • The Grenade Pistol is a very useful utility secondary weapon, as it is the only weapon in its class that can inflict explosive damage.
    • In particular, when used properly it is capable of destroying Terminid Nests and Automaton Fabricators, allowing the wielder to equip a different type of grenade such as G-23 Stun while retaining the ability to destroy enemy spawners.
    • The explosive and splash nature of the grenades allows the Grenade Pistol to dispatch multiple enemies with a single shot, or inflict significant Structural damage to large body parts such as the thorax of Bile Spewers.
  • Because of its significant falling arc, it can be very difficult to land precise shots at long distances since gravity must be accounted for. Be sure to practice in order to get used to the arc.
  • This weapon's greatest drawback is that it is extremely ammo-inefficient. When picking up supplies from a Resupply or B-1 Supply Pack only two grenades will be replenished, and when picking up an Ammo Box only one grenade will be replenished; Grenade Cases do not replenish the Grenade Pistol. Be sure to balance grenade consumption with that of the primary and support weapons.
  • Be careful when firing the Grenade Pistol at very close range, as the fuse has a range safety that prevents it from detonating too close to the wielder. If the grenade hits an enemy at point-blank range, it will simply bounce off and ricochet, exploding far from its intended target.
  • The One Handed trait means that the Grenade Pistol can be used while holding items like the SSSD Hard Drive or while wielding the Ballistic Shield, and it will be automatically equipped in these cases if no other weapons with One Handed are equipped.



Target Hits Notes
Scavenger 1 Indirect close hit (within ~2 meters)
Terminid Nest 1


Change History




  • Explosive weapons no longer pull players inward from the blast.


Added to the game.