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Fully upgraded AC-5 Arc Shotgun

The AC-5 uses the same charge building setup as the AC-3 but instead of discharging at a specific target, it tries to saturate an area in front of the user with electricity. This application has limited range, but the damage output is enough to completely fry light and medium targets. The AC-5 is part of the Pilot equipment kit.

— Armory Description

Unlock Requirement

The AC-5 Arc Shotgun is part of the Pilot Pack and is automatically unlocked by purchasing the respective DLC.


Upgrade Requirements Cost Effect
Upgrade Faster Charge.png Faster Charge Research-point.png 2 It takes less time to reach full charge.
Upgrade Increased Range.png Increased Range Faster Charge Research-point.png 1 Upgrades the range of the weapon.

Faster Charge

  • Improving the power generation and capacitors decreases the charge time significantly.

Increased Range

  • Improvements and tweaks allows the shots fired to travel a greater distance before losing their power.

Weapon Stats

As it is an Arc weapon, the AC-5 does not require any ammunition to fire.

Gameplay Tips

  • The Arc shotgun, like its longer ranged counterpart, is an unorthodox weapon requiring proper timing and positioning to use effectively. While it charges much faster than the Arc Thrower, it lacks the Arc Thrower's chain lightning property and has a severely reduced range. It should be reserved purely for fighting from behind cover and in close quarters as its minuscule range severely limits its ability to tackle scout patrols before they raise the alarm.
  • An Arc weapon blast, if it connects with a target unit, will always ignore angle and assume the hit to be to the front of the unit. This can be demonstrated by shooting an upgraded HAV or a Cyborg Hulk with its shield raised.
  • Arc Shotgun blasts have the unique property of ignoring terrain and other obstructions (such as objectives or friendly Helldivers). Any enemy caught within its cone of fire that is not heavily armored will be crippled or instantly killed. As a result of this, Helldivers can safely hide behind and fire through cover to attack enemies with impunity.
  • If you need to reposition quickly but have your Arc weapon charged up, a good practice is to discharge it in the opposite direction of any friendly Helldivers or objectives.
  • Charging an Arc weapon slows the user's movement to a crawl, which can hold back the rest of the squad. Divers should prioritize movement over fighting and only attack nearby scouts if absolutely necessary.


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