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There are multiple gameplay altering conditions, known as effects and modifiers respectively, that occur in Helldivers 2. While they range in scope and effect, they can significantly alter your experience between different planets and difficulties.

Effects are mission modifiers that introduce changes to regular gameplay. Several types of effects may be present (including multiple at a time) dependent on the planet's biome, faction, and your operation difficulty.

Physical Conditions

Physical conditions are temporary effects that a Helldiver might experience in combat, such as broken limbs, slowness, or bleeding. For further information, see physical conditions.

Environmental Conditions

Environmental Conditions are a type of planetary effect that alter environments during operations on a planet. Typically consisting of meteorological events, planetary effects correspond with the geography and climate of the planet your operation is on.

  • Acid Storms Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Acid Storms: Violent acid storms reduce visibility.
  • Blizzards Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Blizzards: Intense snowstorms reduce visibility.
  • Extreme Cold Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Extreme Cold: Icy temperatures reduce rate of fire and delay heat buildup in weapons.
  • Fire Tornados Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Fire Tornados: Planet is ravaged by deadly fire tornados.
  • Intense Heat Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Intense Heat: High temperatures increase stamina drain and speed up heat buildup in weapons.
  • Ion Storms Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Ion Storms: Ion storms intermittently disable Stratagems.
  • Meteor Storms Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Meteor Storms: Meteors impact the surface causing massive damage.
  • Rainstorms Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Rainstorms: Torrential rainstorms reduce visibility.
  • Sandstorms Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Sandstorms: Dense sandstorms reduce visibility.
  • Thick Fog Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Thick Fog: Dense fog reduces visibility.
  • Tremors Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Tremors: Frequent earthquakes stun players and enemies alike.
  • Volcanic Activity Environmental Condition Icon.svg - Volcanic Activity: Volcanos throw burning rocks around this planet.

Operation Modifiers

Operation modifiers are a type of effect that apply a debuff past certain difficulties. With one modifier introduced at difficulty 5, and an additional modifier added at difficulty 8, they can drastically increase the difficulty of your operation.


When picking your Stratagems, you have an option to select a booster which will affect you and your entire team. Choose wisely Helldiver.

Armor Passives

Effects and Modifiers are special bonuses or effects that are ..→

  • Engineering Kit
  • Med-Kit
  • Fortified
  • Servo-Assisted
  • Extra Padding
  • Scout
  • Democracy Protects
  • Electrical Conduit
  • Standard Issue