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Helldiver operating a console
Operating a console is required for many mission objectives

In any given mission, a random selection of Objectives are assigned. Most objectives must be completed, though a few can be failed; failing an objective reduces XP and influence (stars) gained accordingly.

As with Stratagem Beacons, an active or threatened objective tends to draw a great deal of attention from enemy patrols. Whilst the degree varies from objective to objective, caution should be exercised. Prepare defenses before activating Launchpads or Geological Surveys, and be ready to fend off incoming enemies!

Locating Objectives

Some objective types may require you to search an area to locate them, with the size of the area varying from mission to mission, though the Humblebee UAV drone can reveal the location of objectives when upgraded.

There are two other ways to locate hidden objectives without the Humblebee UAV:

  • Use your map to locate a group of patrols. If you see a clump of red dots, there is a good chance there's an objective nearby. This requires some degree of stealth on the part of the Helldiver attempting it, as triggering an alarm will quickly fill the map with more red dots than a Predator rave party.
  • Some terrain elements (specific rock formations, volcanoes) tend to spawn in predictable configurations with specific objectives. For example, large clusters of Bug Nests will often be hidden near a long, vertical mountain ridge.

Objective Types


Objective Exterminate.png
The most simple objective available; kill a specific number of enemies. The quantity of enemies that must be killed depends on the threat level of the planet, ranging from as low as 40 or 50 to as high as 180. Numbers are usually double this for Retaliatory Strikes, in which this is the only objective (besides Extract).
Difficulty Description Enemies to Kill
Bug Cyborg Illuminate
6 Very Challenging 60 60 50
7 Hard 70 70 60
8 Very Hard 80 80 70
9 Hard as Hell 90 90 80
10 Suicide Mission 100 100 90
11 Impossible 120 120 100
12 Helldive 150 150 110
13 An Exercise in Futility 160 160 120
14 The Definition of Insanity 170 170 130
15 The Inner Circle of Hell 180 180 140

During a Retaliatory Strike, a large kill counter (with progress bar) will appear at the top of the screen.



Each faction has its own spin on this otherwise-simple task:

Destroy Cyborg AA Guns
Objective Destroy Cyborg AA.png
For the Cyborgs, you must destroy three AA Guns that are protected by a jamming field. This requires using anti-tank weapons, or you can disable the generator; this will temporarily shut down the jamming field and allow the use of Stratagems.
Destroy Bug Nests
Objective Destroy Bug Nests.png
For the Bugs, you must destroy between two and five Nests. Whilst the Nests are not heavily guarded, activity near them is sure to draw attention from scouts; be prepared to deal with them quickly before they can summon bigger, angrier bugs.
Destroy Illuminate Beacons
Objective Destroy Beacons.png
For the Illuminate, you must destroy a pair of shielded Beacons. The shield is strong enough to withstand the blast of a Hellbomb, so the shields must be disabled first; this is accomplished by shooting the shield with any conventional weapon.

Nests and Beacons may require searching an area; Beacons emit a distinct electrical hum that will help you easily identify when you are close to them. AA Guns never require searching.

Helldivers will be provided with unlimited uses of the NUX-223 Hellbomb Special Stratagem until all 'Destroy' objectives in a mission have been completed. If you appreciate the Hellbomb for its other uses (such as luring enemies to it, creating chokepoints or crushing heavy enemy units), consider this when picking the order in which to complete objectives.

Alternatives to the Hellbomb

'Destroy' objectives can also be eliminated using most anti-tank weapons and Stratagems, such as (but not limited to):

Anti-tank Supply Stratagems:

Anti-tank rounds fired by:

Anti-tank capable Offensive Stratagems:

Note that not all weapons and Stratagems are effective against all targets, particularly if the area of effect for their Anti-Tank or Explosive element is especially small. While the MLS-4X Commando can theoretically destroy objectives, its missiles require precise angle and distance as they do not home in on objectives; to make things worse, any nearby enemies will attract the missiles instead.

Also note that the only attack Stratagems capable of destroying a shielded Illuminate Beacon are the Thunderer Barrage and Shredder Missile Strike; the Missile Barrage's spread is random and it will occasionally manage it, but all other approaches require the Beacon's shield be disabled first.

Lone Cyborg AA Guns can also be found on most missions in Cyborg territory, and will project a small jamming field of their own. As the single AA Guns are not powered by generators that can be disabled, their radar jamming is only shut down when they are destroyed. For this reason, non-objective Cyborg AA Guns are not vulnerable to the NUX-223 Hellbomb or any of the Offensive anti-tank Stratagems: none of those can be used in their vicinity. Helldiver-carried anti-tank weapons remain a viable option.


Simple, in theory; 'Retrieve' objectives task you with recovering an item and bringing it to the randomly-placed bunker.

Objective Retrieve Black Box.png Black Box Objective Retrieve Power Core.png Power Core Objective bunker.png Bunker

Whilst carrying the item in question, a Helldiver can only use one-handed weapons such as the P‑2 Peacemaker standard-issue sidearm, the SMG-45 Defender and MP-98 Knight SMGs, as well as the sawn-off DBS-2 Double Freedom shotgun.

There are also a variety of one-handed DLC-weapons on offer that present players who own the corresponding DLC-packs with viable choices for these objectives: P-6 Gunslinger, PLAS-3 Singe and FLAM-24 Pyro Perk-pistols (part of the Pistol Pack), SMG-34 Ninja (part of the Commando Pack) and the LAS-12 Tanto laser-powered SMG (part of the Specialist Pack).

The carrier cannot get into vehicles (nor store the objective in a free seat) or use Stratagem Beacons without dropping the box. Going prone or engaging the LIFT-850 Jump Pack will drop the objective where the Helldiver was standing. This can also be used to drop a Retrieve objective off at the bunker instead of using the Interact command ('X' on the PlayStation).

Retrieve objectives can be failed by dropping the item into an inaccessible area, such as a bottomless pit, lava pool, etc. (note, however, that these carrying-items can sometimes get stuck on the walls of bottomless pits without the game recognizing them as lost, making them completely unretrievable and the entire mission unsalvageable).

The above carrying mechanics also apply to the artillery shells players are required to locate and load to complete the Artillery objective.

Both Black Boxes and Power Cores may sometimes need to be searched for. Power Cores are typically easier to locate, as they are always surrounded by the 'structure' shown in the image below, while lost Black Boxes are typically found near the corpse of an unfortunate Super Earth Regular Army soldier.


There are two variations on the Escort objective: Survivors, and the Resource Convoy;

Escort Survivors
Objective Escort Survivors.png
Found at a crashed shuttle site, always in groups of four, they must be brought to the randomly-placed bunker. Enemies will ignore Survivors until a Helldiver interacts with them.
Objective bunker.png
The objective is failed if all four members of a Survivor group are killed. Just a single Survivor needs to make it to the bunker alive; there are no penalties for the first three fatalities.

Care should still be taken around Survivors, as they are vulnerable to stray shots even from extreme distances (especially when using certain laser-powered weapons and sniper-rifles), accidental fraggings and similar mishaps. They can be knocked down (and helped up) just like Helldivers, and will eventually bleed out if not attended to.

Name Health Constitution Armor Shield
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max Base Armor Regen Delay
Survivor 100 -5 100 5 default 0 0 not shielded

Whilst Survivors are slow, unarmed, and have only minimal protection, they are oddly immune to most slowing hazards (such as deep water), as well as the effects of Airdropped Stun Mines and Static Field Conductors; they can also walk through an Illuminate Obelisk's wall and will even shrug off the effects of the control-reversing of Illusionists and Council Members.

Multiple groups of Survivors can be activated at the same time, even by a single player. When attempting to escort multiple groups of Survivors it is recommended that one player activate and lead them all, as to free up all other players to stay mobile enough to fight of pursuers or patrols unhindered.

Survivors will automatically die (despawn) if they are off-screen for too long, so it is important not to run too far ahead of the survivors and keep them at the edge of the screen at most. Whenever a Survivor dies (wether on- or off-screen), there is a noticeable audio-cue in the form of a "crunching" sound.

Once the Survivors have been "activated" (following a Helldiver), they can be told to stay still by interacting with one of them again. This way, they will not die when left off-screen, and no enemy patrols that spot them will trigger an alarm as long as no players are nearby. However, it is important to clear all hostiles when "parking" the survivors and leaving them behind because enemies will attack them as long as players are nearby (ca. 1 entire screen-length). Similarly, parked Survivors will be targeted by any enemies that appear on the screen once players return to pick up the group(s) of Survivors.

Any player can activate or deactivate any one group of Survivors, and they will always follow the player who activated them last.

It is sometimes necessary to search for the crash site when escorting Survivors. The fiery plane wreckage emits a crackling sound that can be used to find it, but you must be in the vicinity already. This is much less effective during Capital Defense missions, which take place in a ruined, smoldering cityscape that is littered with burning buildings.

It should be noted that Survivors are completely safe from enemies for as long as they are not interacted with by players. Once they have been activated or picked up from the ground (usually from damage caused by stray shots from Helldivers) all nearby enemies will start attacking the Survivors and raising the alarm.

There is a bug which can sometimes occur if Survivors are still active off-screen while one or more have already entered the bunker. This is triggered when the Helldivers move too far away past the bunker before the off-screen Survivor manages to get inside. The bug can lead to Survivors getting stuck outside of the playable area (still showing up on the map), which prevents the mission objective from being completed or failed with no Extraction possible. Therefore, it is good practice to make sure that all Survivors following you end up either safely inside or safely splattered before moving on.

Escort Resource Convoy
Objective Escort Resource Convoy.png Enemies will ignore a Convoy until it is activated by a Helldiver. It then moves slowly along a fixed route, indicated as a grey line on the map and a visible track on the terrain.

Once the Convoy is parked safely within its bunker, the objective is complete; if it is destroyed, the objective is failed. Even if the Convoy is damaged, XP is not deducted for 'partial' completion.

Once activated, players need to stay in close proximity of the Convoy and must not stray too far away from it until it is completed. If the Convoy is left unattended off-screen for too long or too far away from the players, it will mysteriously self-destruct. It is highly recommended to stay near the Convoy until it has reached its destination and the mission has successfully been completed. Leaving the mission area even when the Convoy is entering its destination but before the mission is completed may sometimes result in a failure.

The Convoy will halt if an enemy or Helldiver comes into extremely close proximity. It can be destroyed by friendly fire.

Hellpods cannot be dropped on the Convoy's rails. Any Stratagem that uses the Hellpod as a delivery system can be expected to land some distance away from the rails, even when the call-in beacon is thrown directly onto the rails.

On snow-covered or swamp-ridden planets, the Convoy's rails count as normal terrain. Helldivers without All Terrain Boots can exploit this to improve their mobility.


There are several variants on this type of objective:

Activate SAM Site
Objective Activate SAM Site.png
Deploy and activate between one and three surface-to-air missile launcher turrets. Each site has two input stages; the first stage is the same for every SAM site (up-down-down-up), the second stage is randomized and fairly long. Once all the sites are activated, the objective is complete.
Activate Truth Transmitter
Objective Activate Truth Transmitter.png
Usually seen in Cyborg territory, these individual sites have four stages; hold, input, hold, input. The input stages are always the same. Second: up-up-down-left-left-up-up-right-up. Fourth: down-down-up-down-down-down-left-down-up-down-down.

Note: gamepad-users (PSN and Steam version) need to mash the USE-button to fill the progress-bar on the first and third stage of this objective, while players using keyboard and mouse controls (Steam-version only) merely need to hold down the USE-key.

Activate Oil Extractor
Objective Activate Oil Extractor.png
Similar to the Truth Transmitter, but almost always found in Bug territory and occasionally in pairs. Otherwise, they have the same hold-input-hold-input activation as Truth Transmitters, with random input stages.
Repair and Fire Artillery
Objective Repair and Fire Artillery.png
Repair and fire an artillery piece. Four stages; input, hold, load, input. The first input phase is always up-down-right followed by two random directional inputs. For the 'load' stage, three shells must be recovered from the environment and placed near the loading conveyor at the rear of the gun. Completing the second input stage ("Aim Artillery") will display the location of the artillery shells on the map. Once the fourth stage (a long, randomized input) is complete, the gun will fire and the objective will be marked as completed.

Unique among objective types, this allows one task to be performed out of sequence; it is possible to collect all the artillery shells and place them on the autoloader conveyor belt before interacting with the console, and this is in fact recommended, as the shells can be placed in relative quiet and safety before initiating the interaction, which as with all objectives, will attract enemy attention.

Objective artillery shell.png
Note that the mechanics for carrying the Black Box or Power Core Retrieval objectives apply to Helldivers lugging around artillery shells as well. This includes the potential for failing the objective, if they happen to fall off a cliff while holding a shell. There is a minor graphical glitch where carrying an artillery shell will activate the Bunker map marker (i.e. it turns white), however it is not possible to deliver artillery shells to a Bunker.
Perform Geological Survey
Objective Perform Geological Survey.png
One of the harder objectives as it requires guarding the objective whilst also interacting with a panel, Helldivers must deploy a drilling rig that will run a survey. This is a hold-input-hold-input-input sequence; the first input is short and random starting with down-down-down, the second input phase is long and random, and the last input stage being the same for every Survey (right-down-up-left).

Once the objective is complete, a Geological Survey drilling rig can be destroyed, but will not mark the objective as failed. The survey rig can even provide a useful distraction whilst the Helldiver team moves on to their next objective, though enemy scouts will continue to be alerted by it as long as it is within view of the Helldiver squad. The Survey rig can be abandoned at any point after its deployment (for example, to complete other mission objectives). Unlike Launchpads, it will not explode nor will it trigger enemy alarms unless a patrol spots the player.

Activate and Defend Launchpad
Objective Activate and Defend Launchpad.png
A simple defend/holdout; interact with a panel and defend the missile for one minute and thirty seconds. If the missile is destroyed it will explode violently, killing everything in a small radius around it. Often appears surrounded by water on swamp planets, which will make defending this objective much harder.

Geological Surveys and Missile Launchpads can be failed if the survey rig or missile are destroyed, docking XP accordingly. Missile Launchpads will self-destruct if Helldivers run too far from them, but Geological Surveys will not (but only if no enemies are nearby when leaving the survey area).

Note that enemy patrols will raise alarm when these objectives are active and players are defending them. For this reason it is recommended to protect these structures evenly from all sides and to regularly check the map for patrols and enemy movement in order to prevent being caught off-guard by hostiles.

Attention, Geological Surveys can be destroyed if any hellpods hit the exact same spot where Survey landed.

All other Deploy objectives (other than the Artillery) will revert to their base state if left unattended for too long, but otherwise cannot be failed.


Objective Disarm Unexploded Ordinance.png
Helldivers must use the ME-1 Sniffer Metal Detector to find between three and five unexploded mortar shells within (or just outside of) the marked area, then interact and defuse with each shell.

Using the wrong input will cause the shell to explode; this is instantly lethal to any Helldiver who is not wearing an SH-20 Shield Generator Pack or protected by the Displacement Field Perk, and can kill any nearby Helldivers (or enemies) too. However, it is possible to avoid death or even damage by quickly leaping away from the shell as it explodes. This manoeuver requires to be positioned at the edge of the shell, as well as extreme reflexes to pull off correctly.

Undetonated explosives cannot be set off by gunfire, grenades, or other explosives; even a Shredder Missile Strike won't set them off.

The area that must be searched (and number of explosives) increases with difficulty. Even if none of the explosives are disarmed successfully, as long as they have been disposed of, the objective is a success; no XP is docked if any have accidentally been set off.


Objective Assassinate.png
Helldivers must seek out and kill a Warlord, Council Member, or Brood Commander, by any means necessary. Council Members and Brood Commanders can be killed with small arms, but the Warlord will require more serious firepower, such as high-power precision or plasma weapons. Anti-tank weapons and Stratagems are the safest option for taking it out.

An achievement/trophy can be earned if the player kills either an Illuminate Council Member or a Bug Brood Commander by running them over with the M5 APC or M5-32 HAV; using the TD-110 Bastion will not work.

Assassinate targets will roam around like a scout patrol, but their objective icon follows them wherever they go.

Capture Area

Objective Capture Area.png
The Helldiver team must secure the area around a flag post and hold out until it is captured. Whilst capturing the flag, a bar will appear to show progress, and the flag will raise (or lower) accordingly; Helldivers must stay within a set area or the capture process will quickly reverse. This greatly restricts the Helldiver's freedom of movement.

In solo play, dying will drain most of the capture bar until the auto-reinforce Hellpod has touched down.

When enemies are within the capture area, the capture rate is greatly slowed (but not completely halted) and the text over the flag will change to 'Clear Area' until all enemies too close to the objective have been neutralized. Capturing these objectives can therefore turn into a grueling ordeal if the alarm is raised and enemy troops start to deploy in large numbers. Keeping patrols from spotting you while you are capturing the objective is advised, especially on higher difficulties. Attempting a capture objective while being tailed by a horde of alerted enemies is not.

On swamp worlds, these flags have a high chance of showing up surrounded by areas of water which decreases the Helldiver's mobility unless they happen to be equipped with a LIFT-850 or the All-Terrain Boots.


Objective Extract.png
The final objective of any mission, Helldivers must complete a short input sequence (always six button presses, randomized) and then hold out for one minute and thirty seconds until the shuttle arrives.

During this time, enemy patrols will swarm towards the extraction beacon in force from across the entire area of operations; scouts should be swiftly eliminated to prevent stronger enemy forces from being called in and potentially jeopardizing the extraction.

Once the shuttle lands, the team has approximately twenty seconds to get aboard before it takes off again. Whilst Extraction cannot be failed, XP and Galactic Campaign influence are reduced if Helldivers are left behind, so it is important to make sure everyone makes it on board.

Note that if no player boards the shuttle it will simply lift off and another shuttle can be called at the extraction beacon. There is no known limit to how many Shuttles can be called in.

The only exceptions to the 90-second Extraction waiting time are:

  1. After successfully defeating an enemy Master (Bug Hive Lord, Illuminate Great Eye or Cyborg Siegemech), the shuttle will arrive almost immediately.
  2. During the training mission (the tutorial), the waiting time is reduced to 30 seconds.