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The PA System, also known as Announcement System, is an NPC in Helldivers 2 that is the public address system of the Super Destroyer.

Voice Lines

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Idle Alcubierre drive calibration complete.
Reminder: Signs of disloyalty should be reported to the Democracy Officer.
Completing FTL jump FTL jump successful.
Jump complete.
Selecting a mission Mission coordinates locked.
Starting a new mission after completing or abandoning a prior mission Hellpods primed.
Selecting another mission on the same planet Engaging orbital thrusters. Orbit synchronized.
Canceling selected mission on Galactic War table Mission preparation aborted.
Canceling mission briefing Hellpod launch suspended.
Helldiver doesn't enter Hellpod for 60 seconds after selecting a mission Helldivers to Hellpods. Repeat: Helldivers to Hellpods.
Planet defense announcement Priority Alert. The (system name) system.

Status: Defending against Automaton invasion. Helldiver support requested.

Priority Alert. The (system name) system.

Status: Defending against Terminid invasion. Helldiver support requested.

Helldiver joining Super Destroyer Allied Destroyer has joined squadron.
Helldiver leaving Super Destroyer Allied Destroyer has left squadron.

Upon initiating FTL jump to planet