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Each enemy in Helldivers 2 has a likely biological system within them. These are made from a bundle of in-game evidence and relevancies.


The Terminids very likely follow a growth process. But for the ease of reading, I will call it "evolving". Note that this is for one bug alone, not generations. One bug may grow from a Bile Spitter to a Bile Titan in its lifetime.

They begin as a form of Scavenger, the type of Scavenger may depend on gender. That is also very likely considering how the Terminids act.

Evolution Table #1

Bug Biology 1.jpg

- The "Male" table begins as the basic orange Scavenger and evolves into a Warrior. The Warrior either evolves into its final state as a Brood Commander or takes the other route and becomes a Hive Guard. The Hive Guard can then evolve into its final form as a Charger.

Evolution Table #2

Terminid Biology -2.jpg

- The "Female" table starts off with the Bile Spitter and it either evolves into a Nursing Spewer or a (and a relatively harder evolution line) Bile Warrior. The Bile Warrior will then evolve to a Bile Spewer, which will finally evolve into a Bile Titan.

  • (The Nursing Spewer does have more evolution lines that will likely be explored later in Helldivers 2. It very well could be the Hive Lord.)

Evolution Table #3

Terminid Biology -3.jpg

- The "Flying" table will start with the Pouncer, which will quickly evolve into a Hunter. The Hunter can evolve into either a Shrieker or Stalker.

  • (The Gender of these bugs aren't confirmed. It is likely mixed.)