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Directing its foul brethren with a mixture of pheromone-like spores and authoritarian shrieks, the bloodthirsty Brood Commander is a rare and deadly strain known for its undeniable hatred of the right to vote.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

The Brood Commander is a red colored Terminid in a similar shape as the Warrior. It may appear as the Mission Target of the Eliminate Brood Commanders mission, which are available on the Trivial Difficulty Icon.pngTrivial and Easy Difficulty Icon.pngEasy difficulties, otherwise they start appearing as part of the standard force at Medium Difficulty Icon.pngMedium and above.

Tactical Information

  • They are able to call in a Bug Breach
    • The mission target variant is able to do this even without a head
  • They have 2 abilities; summoning 2 Warriors and charging
  • It also has a berserk ability when its head is destroyed, similar to the basic Warrior
    • It will gain a significant amount of movement speed and attack speed for approximately 3 seconds before expiring
  • Their head and body are protected by reinforced armor, falling somewhere between regular enemy light and medium armor
  • Their legs are not armored, making them vulnerable to light penetrating Weaponry
  • Light armor-penetrating weapons will deal substantially reduced damage to the armored areas but will not be deflected

While any weapon is capable of killing a Brood Commander, explosives and medium armor-penetrating weapons are much more effective.


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