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Warriors are the natural end result of a species optimized for mindless expansion. In controlled environments, they have eviscerated innocent baby cows in under a second. One can only imagine what they would do to innocent baby humans.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

The Warrior is a lightly armored, slow-moving, medium-sized Terminid that can appear on any difficulty.

They usually appear in small groups with other Warriors, as well as swarms of small Terminids.


  • Warriors will attempt to approach Helldivers in as direct a path as possible. They will climb over terrain in their way, and may attempt to attack and destroy obstacles in their way with their claws.
  • Warriors will attempt to attack Helldivers with their claws in melee range.
  • Warriors have been seen strafing sideways to cut off Helldivers who attempt to run past them.
  • When losing their head, Warriors have a chance to enter a berserker state. During this time, their behavior changes:
    • They will attempt to charge towards their killer in a suicidal attempt to take the unlucky Helldiver down with them.
    • They gain increased movement and attack speed.
    • They will bleed out and fully die after a few seconds.



Bile Warrior

The Bile Warrior is a lightly armored, medium-sized Terminid, green in color. It can appear on Challenging Difficulty Icon.pngChallenging and higher missions, often appearing beside or fully replacing the normal Warrior.

It is identical to the Warrior in terms of behavior, anatomy, and tactics, with one exception. When a Bile Warrior dies from damage to its body, it has a chance to trigger a small bile explosion that can severely injure a nearby Helldiver. It is recommended not to kill them at point-blank range.

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