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The Pouncer, alternatively known as the Hopper, is a small Terminid that can be found on Easy difficulty and higher. They appear to be juvenile Hunters.

They usually appear in swarms of other Pouncers, Scavengers, and Bile Spitters.


  • Pouncers will use their wings to leap great distances directly towards Helldivers. They are not the most accurate leapers, and will often under- or overshoot their target.
  • When not leaping, they will approach Helldivers in as direct a path as possible, climbing over terrain and obstacles in an attempt to attack with their claws and stylets (tongues).
  • Pouncers will occasionally attempt to leap sideways to avoid incoming fire.
  • Pouncers are able to release a cloud of pheromones into the air that causes a Bug Breach.


  • Due to their low health, Pouncers can easily be dispatched by any weapon. Using the Guard Dog or explosives is effective against swarms of Pouncers.
  • When encountering a patrol or group of Terminids, it is recommended to kill Pouncers quickly before one can cause a Bug Breach.
  • Pouncers should be prioritized over other small Terminids due to their ability to quickly leap into melee range.
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