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The brainless Scavenger is the lowliest of Terminids. Upon encountering an agent of Liberty, it emits a piercing scream that attracts nearby bugs in a reflexive attempt to destroy Freedom.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

The Scavenger is the weakest and most common of the Terminids that can be found on all difficulties.

They usually appear in swarms of other Scavengers, Pouncers, and Bile Spitters.


Part Name Health* AV** Durable %To Main*** Bleed Fatal
80 Armor AV0 Icon.png Unarmored 0% - - Yes
Limbs 30 Armor AV0 Icon.png Unarmored 0% 30% None Yes
Face 20 Armor AV0 Icon.png Unarmored 0% 100% None Yes
* Parts with their HP listed as "Main" do not have their own individual health. All damage dealt to these parts is dealt to the enemy's Main damage pool.
** Refer to armor values as defined in Damage.
*** The percentage of damage that applied to the enemies Main damage pool. At 0 HP, the enemy dies.

Tactical Information

  • Due to their low health, Scavengers can easily be dispatched by any weapon.
  • When encountering a patrol or group of Terminids, it is recommended to kill Scavengers quickly before one can cause a Bug Breach.
  • A lonely scavenger can be very easy to eliminate, however they can be really dangerous when in swarms.
    • Using the Guard Dog or explosives is effective against swarms of Scavengers.
  • Individual Scavengers can be safely killed with a single melee attack to the head, which conserves ammunition.


  • Scavengers are mostly mindless. They will approach Helldivers in as direct path as possible, climbing over terrain and obstacles in an attempt to attack with their claws.
  • Scavengers are able to release a cloud of pheromones into the air that causes a Bug Breach.

Change History




  • Dead Scavengers now stop screaming for help if killed while calling in reinforcements.
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