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Nursing Spewers are medium sized Terminids with light armor. They appear in bug missions of Medium Difficulty Icon.pngMedium difficulty and above.

Hulking things with small faces and massive abdomens bursting with orange eggs, Nursing Spewers are known for their ability to puke out acidic vomit onto the Helldiver. They are brown and orange in coloration, and are often seen alongside Scavengers. These bugs appear to be the same species as the Bile Spewer, and are likely gravid females who have not been contaminated by toxic E-710 runoff or are sub-adults.

Tactical Information

  • Nursing Spewers are similar to their green cousins, but their attack tracks Helldivers a bit less quickly, and they have light armor, rather than medium.
    • In addition, they do not have the bile mortar mode that Bile Spewers gain on Extreme Difficulty Icon.pngExtreme difficulty and above.
    • Nursing Spewers generate a persistent ankle-level 'fog' whilst they are alive, like a scaled down version of the clouds created by Spore Spewers. Beware as this can conceal the movements of smaller Terminids like Scavengers that might be moving along with them, or hide other ground-based threats. Killing the Nursing Spewer will cause this fog to rapidly dissipate.
  • They are best killed by shooting their head, which is their weak spot. As they have light armor, every weapon will deal normal damage to it.
    • A single well-placed grenade near or under the Spewer will often one-shot or nearly kill it. The G-16 Impact grenade is especially effective, and can even kill 2 adjacent Spewers with a well-placed throw.
    • An RS-422 Railgun will kill with one headshot or two body shots, even in Safe mode.
    • The GL-21 Grenade Launcher will kill in two to three rounds, and its wide-area explosive rounds can prove effective against swarms of Spewers.
    • The APW-1 Anti-Materiel Rifle will kill with a single shot to the head.
    • The SG-8S Slugger can kill with 2 headshots, but body shots are significantly less effective. Fortunately, the Slugger's stagger effect will interrupt a Nursing Spewer's attack, making it easy prey for repeated headshots.
    • The ARC-3 Arc Thrower kills in 2 headshots. Fortunately, the Arc Thrower's stagger effect will interrupt a Nursing Spewer's attack, making it easy prey for repeated headshots.
  • These bugs have an abdomen filled with acidic puss, and it will explode if shot at, even after they're dead. Watch where you're firing to avoid a melty death.

Change History




  • Spewers will now get slowed if they lose their legs.
  • Spewer puke now applies the acid effect.
  • Spewer puke now can only damage Helldivers up to 4 times per second and the Helldiver cannot take damage multiple times from the same projectile.
  • The acid effect applied by Nursing Spewers and other Terminids now allows you to sprint while under the effect.
  • Acid now slows you by 30% instead of 50%.
  • Acid duration increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.


  • Bile Spewer and Nursing Spewers move speed slightly reduced.


  • Bile Spewers and Nursing Spewers do less damage with their puke.
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