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A side effect of Terminid gene splicing research, Stalkers can camouflage themselves almost to the point of invisibility. But nothing can hide from the cleansing light of Freedom forever.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

The Stalker is a medium-sized Terminid that can first appear on Challenging. They spawn only from Stalker Lairs, an optional objective, and will not appear in patrols. They appear to be evolved (possibly genetically modified) Hunters with camouflage capabilities, enhanced strength and durability. Destroying all Stalker Lairs will stop Stalkers from spawning for the rest of the mission.


  • Stalkers will spawn when a Helldiver is close to their nest, moving directly towards their prey.
  • Stalkers, true to their name, will camouflage themselves as they move towards their target, hiding until they can get close enough to strike. They appear translucent while camouflaged.
  • Stalker camouflage can break when the Stalker is fired upon, and will break when the Stalker makes its strike.
  • Stalkers will move faster as they come under fire and as they get closer to their target.
  • Stalkers will briefly retreat and attempt to re-camouflage themselves if their initial strike does not kill their target and after receiving substantial damage.


  • Despite lacking armor, Stalkers are very durable compared to Hunters and other medium-sized Terminids. Use Support Weapons and aim for their heads to take them out quickly.
    • Stalkers that are on fire or have Terminid Blood/Bile on them, will be partially visible when camouflaged.
  • A Stalker's attacks are strong enough to knock away Helldivers, leaving them vulnerable to impact damage or other Terminids. Avoid letting Stalkers engage in melee as much as possible.
  • Stalkers are dangerous and priority targets whenever they appear. If possible, focus them down immediately. If not, weapons like the Punisher can keep them staggered, dramatically reducing the amount of damage they can do.
  • Helldivers that encounter Stalkers indicates that the nest is nearby. Destroying the nest should be a high priority to prevent any more from spawning. Helldivers can find the nests based in the direction the Stalker came from.

Change History


  • Fix: Fixed issue where Stalkers became very visible in fog
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