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Hunter D.png

Utilizing stealth and guerrilla tactics these soldiers use long-ranged high powered electro-pulse gauntlets which vaporize the air at ranges up to 10 km. The static air is clearly visible to the eye and, as such, can be avoided before the actual projectile is fired.

For the Illuminate, to become a Hunter is the first step on the way to becoming an Illusionist.

Illuminate Emblem.png Role Danger Weapons Resilience Armor
Light Infantry Medium Electro Pulse Low None
Health Constitution Armor Shield
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max Base Armor Regen Delay
400 0 0 0 default 0 0 not shielded
400 0 0 0 default 0 0 200 0 666 4
Attacks Power Crit AP? Effects
Electro-Pulse 300 n/a yes n/a


  • Found on most planets with an Illuminate presence, Hunters patrol the battlefield individually, following semi-random patterns while searching for Helldivers. They patrol more often around mission objectives and are also attracted to Stratagem beacons.
    • As of the A New Hell free content update, shielded Hunters will start appearing mixed in with the regular variety. They function identically, other than being shielded.
  • Hunters always seek to engage Helldiver troops in combat from long range, using their sniper-like electro-pulse gauntlets. This weapon is extremely powerful and can kill players in a single shot, however, it takes a second or two to charge (during which its intended path is clearly visible) meaning it can be avoided easily in most situations. It should also be noted that Hunters cannot shoot through the wall generated by the Obelisk, and will not attempt to do so. Hunters can also hit (and potentially kill) their fellow Illuminate, often 'accidentally' vaporizing Outcasts; Hunters can survive up to one blast from another Hunter, if cunning Helldivers trick them into sniping each other.
  • Hunters have no melee attack and will flee from Helldivers who get too close. This tactic, combined with the relatively long charge time of their weapons, means that players are normally safe to ignore Hunters while moving from one objective to the next.
  • Hunters are most dangerous to turrets, Escort Objectives, and Deploy Objectives as they can shoot from beyond a turret's targeting range, kill multiple survivors with a single shot, and inflict significant damage to a Resource Convoy, Geological Survey Rig, or Missile with a single hit.



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