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Behemoth D.png

An even heavier breed of Tank, the Behemoth is fully encased in armor and requires anti-tank weapons to bring down. Its armor is extremely thick and can sometimes take several shots before dying. It is still capable of charging, making it a very formidable opponent in open terrain.

Bugs Emblem.png Role Danger Weapons Resilience Armor
Tank High Claws High Heavy
Health Constitution Armor
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max
3200 0 0 0 default 1000 1500
Attacks Projectile


Crit Explosion








AP? Effects
Melee n/a n/a Direct 2.5 350 no no none
Anti-Personnel 2.5 350
Charge n/a n/a Direct 1.5 600 no no none
Anti-Personnel 2.0 600
Ground Stomp n/a n/a Direct 1.8 600 no no Knockdown
Anti-Personnel 4 0


  • Predominately found on high level planets, Behemoths spawn infrequently, emerging alone from underground wherever Scouts or Vanguards have raised an alarm to warn of a Helldiver's presence. In missions 13-15, they are capable of spawning from the ground in huge groups, presenting an immediate need for caution.
  • Behemoths are very similar to their Tank cousins: after spawning, they will either attack nearby players by stamping on the ground, knocking Helldivers off their feet, before finishing them off with their claws; or attempt to crush more distant players by charging at speed and running them over. While it is not mentioned in the game, they also count for the Element of Supplies achievement/trophy if killed using a Resupply stratagem Hellpod.
  • As the Behemoth's normal movement speed is quite slow and its charges easy to predict, players can usually avoid attacks simply by sprinting around the beast or using the LIFT-850 Jump Pack to leap over it. This should allow time and space to target the Behemoth with the necessary Stratagems.
  • However, the Behemoth's armor is even thicker and it has no unarmored weak spot for Helldivers to take advantage of, meaning small arms fire cannot damage the creature and even anti-tank stratagems (such as the EAT-17 or Airstrike) may have to be used several times. The Behemoth does have a noticeable weak spot however: a single shot from a fully-upgraded RL-112 Recoilless Rifle directly to a Behemoth's face will kill it outright. Hits at most other angles/points will injure it but not kill it.
  • A curious trait of the Behemoth Bug is that (like its weaker cousin, the Tank) it's capable of being harmed by incendiary weapons, including the PLAS-1 Scorcher, FLAM-40 Incinerator, FLAM-24 Pyro and Incendiary Grenades Perk. The actual damage is very low, but will kill the Behemoth with sufficient exposure. Even a simple Incendiary Grenade can do surprising damage to one of these beasts given time, though hardly a superb option.
  • The TOX-13 Avenger is very effective at slowing and damaging Behemoths. Two barrages from the M-25 Rumbler are sufficient to dispatch a Behemoth, and will have the added benefit of slowing its movement if the Toxic Shells upgrade has been unlocked; this will make it easier to land the second volley, and can quickly put a stop to a charge.
  • The Behemoth is also vulnerable to the Stun inflicted by an upgraded RX-1 Rail Gun. Whilst a hit will deal very little (if any) damage at all, the stun can slow or even outright stop an oncoming charge.
  • Smoke Grenades and Thunderer Smoke Rounds can be used to keep Behemoths from charging. If there is smoke between the Helldiver and the Behemoth (or either is standing in smoke), the Behemoth will move towards its target at normal speed, instead of charging at him.


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