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Warlord D.png

Nicknamed Warlords by the troops, these are massive beings putting the Hulks to shame. They are the absolute top of Cyborg society and formidable opponents, using their power to oppress and control their cybernetic subjects. These lords of war are the reason why Cyborg society needs our help to return to freedom.

Cyborg Emblem 2.png Role Danger Weapons Resilience Armor
Elite High Cannon High Heavy
Health Constitution Armor
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max
3000 0 1000 250 default 300 600
Attacks Power Crit AP? Effects
Melee 250 n/a no n/a
Gauss Cannon 0 n/a no explosive
Area/Explosive Anti-Personnel Direct Ignore AP? Effects
Radius Power Radius Power Armor Shields
Gauss Cannon 2.0 50 1.0 50 no no no n/a


  • Predominately found on high level planets, Warlords spawn infrequently, being airdropped onto the battlefield, normally alone, wherever 'Squadleader' Soldiers or Infantry Fighting Vehicles have raised an alarm to warn of a Helldiver's presence. Note that if multiple alerts have been activated by multiple patrols at the same time then it is entirely possible to be faced with two or even three Warlords at once.
  • After spawning, Warlords will engage players in combat from mid to long range with their cannon, a rapid-fire version of the weapon used by Comrades. It deals high damage within a moderate area-of-effect and is fairly effective at tracking the player's movements. Any Helldiver struck just once or twice by this barrage will quickly be downed, at which point the Warlord will typically move towards them with the intent of executing the stricken player.

Advanced Tactics

* Item is part of a paid DLC pack.


  • Somehow Immolators are able to set Warlords on fire through their armor, but the overtime damage is too low to effectively damage the victim.
  • The FLAM-40 Incinerator has also received a buff in the Dive Harder expansion and the resulting ground-fires from this weapon are able to damage Warlords similarly to Incendiary Grenades and Incendiary Bombs. While the resulting damage to the Warlord is relatively insignificant, it should be noted that the ground-fires can block the Warlords path.
  • The Tox-13 Avenger has NO effect on the Warlord and this enemy is essentially immune to any toxic effects from other weapons and Stratagems, even if their exposed flesh from sustained damage would suggest otherwise.
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