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Siege Mech.png

Cyborg Siege Mechs are the pinnacle of their perverse self-mutilating customs, it is even unclear if anything of the original human survives the process of being integrated into it. They are heavily armed, capable of deploying anti-air turrets and have the armor of a tank. It is recommended to bring heavy ordnance once facing these giant perversions.

Cyborg Emblem 2.png Role Danger Weapons Resilience Armor
Master Extreme Multiple Extreme Heavy

Right arm is machine gun or grenade launcher. Left arm is autocannon or flamethrower.

Health Constitution Armor
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max
300000 0 0 2500 default 170 1500
Attacks Power Crit AP? Effects
Crush n/a n/a no explosive
Gun 180 n/a yes n/a
Grenade n/a n/a no explosive
Cannon 500 n/a no explosive
Flamethrower 200 200 no heavy burn
Area/Explosive Anti-Personnel Direct Ignore AP? Effects
Radius Power Radius Power Armor Shields
Crush 3.4 0 3.4 350 no no no n/a
Grenade 3.5 600 1.5 2000 no no no n/a
Cannon 2.0 100 1.0 150 no no no n/a


  • The Siege Mech is found on special, outlying planets which players can only access after accumulating 50 points of influence against the Cyborg faction. The mission terrain can be any of the four normal environments (desert, forest, snow or volcanic) on a large square map, however, only missions on snow retain their environmental hazard. If players choose a dropzone suitably far from the enemy then they will have all the time necessary to call down any Stratagems, with the Siege Mech only spawning once Helldivers are nearby.
  • The Siege Mech's behavior generally only consists of slowly driving closer to nearby players until they get in attacking range. At this point they will fire their weapons for a couple seconds, and then resume moving, attempting to run players over. They can be observed periodically dropping mini versions of the Cyborg AA turrets onto the ground out of a rear compartment. These turrets will disable the ability to call stratagems similar to their larger counterparts, but they have a smaller radius and can be cut down with small arms.
  • Siege Mechs are initially supported by several Hounds which continually spawn for the duration of the mission. As the Siege Mech's health is depleted Berserkers, then Grotesques and finally Butchers will also begin to spawn.
  • A Siege Mech can be defeated very efficiently through use of the upgraded Airdropped Anti-Tank Mines. Drop them all in the middle of the map, then run around the edges leading the Siege Mech over them, destroying AA guns and dropping more as needed.


Each enemy Master is randomly named by combining a name and a title.

Name Title
Lurtz Nosgor the Destroyer
Ugluk Grumgar the Defiler
Morkirak Ulrumk the Obliterator
Kumul Lunraghk the Breaker
Roshnak Gorgothan the Exterminator
Bugs Emblem.png

Scout Vanguard Shadow Stalker Warrior Elite Brood Commander Impaler Tank Behemoth Hive Lord

Illuminate Emblem.png

Observer Watcher Obsidian Observer Hunter Tripod Strider Apprentice Outcast Obelisk Illusionist Council Member Great Eye

Cyborg Emblem 2.png

Initiate 'Squadleader' Soldier Legionnaire Hound Grotesque Immolator Comrade Berserker Butcher Hulk Warlord Infantry Fighting Vehicle Siege Mech

  • It is likely that the Siege Mech is a shout-out to the HK-Tank type Hunter-Killers in the original Terminator films.