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Great Eye.png

Intel suggests the Illuminate Great Eye to be large AI creatures monitoring the Illuminate society and correcting any discrepancies in behaviour or even thought. The Great Eye is heavily armed and might even hold the keys to their WMD weapons. It is imperative that these Great Eyes are taken out once the opportunity presents itself.

Illuminate Emblem.png Role Danger Weapons Resilience Armor
Master Nano-Tech Extreme Medium
Health Constitution Armor Shield
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max Base Armor Regen Delay
250000 0 0 5 default 45 250 not shielded

Both types of mind-altering orbs and the stun orbs fired by the Great Eye can be destroyed by dealing 60 damage to them.

Attacks Power Crit AP? Effects
Beam 3500 3500 no n/a
Stun Orb n/a n/a n/a explosive
Orb Bomb n/a n/a no explosive
Area/Explosive Anti-Personnel Direct Ignore AP? Effects
Radius Power Radius Power Armor Shields
Stun Orb 4.0 0 4.0 0 no no no lightning:static slow
Orb Bomb 1 3.0 40 1.0 40 no no no short confuse
Orb Bomb 2 2.0 90 1.0 210 no no no n/a


  • The Great Eye is found on special, outlying planets which players can only access after accumulating 50 points of influence against the Illuminate faction. The mission terrain can be any of the four normal environments (desert, forest, snow or volcanic) on a large square map, however, only missions on snow retain their environmental hazard. If players choose a dropzone suitably far from the enemy then they will have all the time necessary to call down any Stratagems, with the Great Eye only spawning once Helldivers are nearby.
  • Great Eyes are initially supported by several Striders which continually spawn for the majority of the mission. As the Great Eye's health is depleted some Striders are replaced by Apprentices, then Outcasts and finally Illusionists - with the climax of the battle featuring just the latter three enemy types supporting the Great Eye.
  • Unlike the Illusionist or Council Member, the Great Eye will launch multiple homing projectiles at a time; two or three of these are enough to down a Helldiver. These orbs detonate after a short time if they don't hit anything, causing all players caught in the blast area to have their controls temporarily reversed. Walking, aiming and even the input of Stratagem Codes are affected.
    • The Great Eye will also launch batches of the same instantly-lethal white orbs used by the Council Member. It can sweep its laser cannon in a wide arc, which will kill Helldivers that are not at near-full health. The laser beam can be avoided by going prone, engaging the LIFT-850 Jump Pack, or not being anywhere near its the direction it is being fired in.
    • Players can target the orbs with weapons fire to get rid of them. Fire from Incendiary Bombs or the Incendiary Grenades Perk will destroy the projectiles on contact and makes for an effective temporary barrier. This does not provide any protection whatsoever against the Great Eye's laser beam, however.
    • Their projectiles tend to curve back if dodged (which can be done by quick footwork, engaging the LIFT-850 Jump Pack or by going prone). Using the SH-20 Shield Generator Pack makes Helldivers immune to the control reversing effect of the Council Member's attacks.


Each enemy Master is randomly named by combining a name and a title.

Name Title
Ootaan Jun'eth the All Seeing
Sui'thun Cthugha the Silent Watcher
Sal'urin Yibb'tstill the Perceptive
Urr'oul Satai the Sagacious
Sin'al Neroon the Insightful
Bugs Emblem.png

Scout Vanguard Shadow Stalker Warrior Elite Brood Commander Impaler Tank Behemoth Hive Lord

Illuminate Emblem.png

Observer Watcher Obsidian Observer Hunter Tripod Strider Apprentice Outcast Obelisk Illusionist Council Member Great Eye

Cyborg Emblem 2.png

Initiate 'Squadleader' Soldier Legionnaire Hound Grotesque Immolator Comrade Berserker Butcher Hulk Warlord Infantry Fighting Vehicle Siege Mech