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Fully upgraded AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement
AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement silhouette.png

A well armored anti tank emplacement that has to be operated manually. Early versions had the same automated AI as the current generation turrets, but it was deemed too volatile. Very good at destroying armored enemies. The AT-47 is part of the Entrenched equipment kit.

— Armory Description

Stratagem Code

Players must enter the following sequence, using the controller d‑pad, in order to call down this Stratagem up to three times per mission:
Arrow 2 L.pngArrow 2 L.pngArrow 4 U.pngArrow 4 U.pngArrow 3 R.pngArrow 2 L.png

Unlock Requirement

The AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement is a DLC Stratagem, available at any rank to those who purchase the Entrenched Pack.


Upgrade Cost Effect
HD1 Stratagem AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement mk1.png Mk1 Basic variant, no upgrades.
HD1 Stratagem AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement mk2.png Mk2 Research-point.png 2 Increases the amount of ammunition to 35 rounds.
HD1 Stratagem AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement mk3.png Mk3 Research-point.png 2 Adds a laser sight and improves turn speed.

Detailed Statistics

For a detailed overview and comparison of the statlines for Helldivers, their equipment and all enemies, check the Detailed Statistics page.

One shots impalers to the face, 4 shots behemoths. Gun suspected to be the same as the 90mm in TD-110 Bastion and other vehicles.

Health Constitution Armor
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max
1000 0 0 0 default 20 140

Gameplay Tips

  • Ammunition capacity of the anti-tank emplacement (nicknamed "the chair" by some Helldivers) is 25 rounds, 35 when upgraded.
  • Cyborg IFVs and heavily armoured Bugs can simply crush the AT-47 by running it over.
  • Unlike automated turrets, which will disappear after a fixed amount of time, the AT-47 is treated as a vehicle and acts as a permanent emplacement.
  • The AT-47 is very effective on the Retaliatory Strike mission-type (commonly abbreviated as: RS), especially against Cyborgs or Bugs, and many players consider this Stratagem to be overly powerful against any enemy race. For new recruits especially, the AT-47 can turn a seemingly impossible endeavour into an easy experience. One or two emplacements defended and/or healed by other players with additional defensive items is a commonly found set-up for RS missions.
    • Please note that some players/hosts may frown upon the use of the AT-47 in their own game and may ban the use of this item, possibly even kicking the owner/user of the AT-47 from their lobby. High-level players are often found playing these missions without the use of certain Stratagems/items/weapons, including the AT-47, and one should feel encouraged to join these random public games when playing online; simply try to get a feeling for what kind of game you randomly joined and adapt, if you can.



  • The AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement was re-balanced in Patch 5.00. The Mk1 version had its ammunition lowered by 5 rounds; but when fully upgraded to Mk3 the AT-47 now has 35 rounds, compared to 30 before the patch.
  • The AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement was re-balanced in Patch 7.00 (again). It's now able to self-damage.
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