P-4 Senator

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A high-damage revolver, which can be reloaded with single rounds. A heavy-hitting and reliable sidearm

— Armory Description

The P-4 Senator is a revolver with very high damage per shot. The weapon is able to kill most enemies with a single headshot, including Hive Guards.


It is unlocked on the 1st page of the Steeled Veterans Premium Warbond for 15 Medals

Weapon Statistics

P-4 Senator
Fire Rate 200 rpm
Recoil 43
Capacity 6
Reload Time 2.8 s
Reloading 1 Round 2.2 s
Reloading 5 Rounds 4.8 s
Spare Rounds 40
Starting Rounds 32
Rounds from Supply 20
Rounds from Ammo Box 10
Pistol 13x40mm Full Metal Jacket Projectile
Pistol 13x40mm Full Metal Jacket
Caliber 12 mm
Mass 15 g
Initial Velocity 550 m/s
Drag Factor 30%
Gravity Factor 100%
Penetration Slowdown 25%
Standard 175
vs. Durable 35
Direct Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Slight Angle Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Large Angle Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Extreme Angle Armor AP0 Icon.png Unarmored
Special Effects
Demolition Force 10
Stagger Force 20
Push Force 10

Tactical Information

  • Having the Rounds Reload trait, you can keep the cylinder topped off without wasting ammo.
  • When no rounds are left in the cylinder a speedloader will be used which drastically reduces reload time so if you have a few rounds left in the chamber it is better to fire them all off then reload.
  • Due to the small amount of rounds in the cylinder, it's important to take some time to aim and make your shots count.
  • The One Handed trait means that the Senator can be used while holding items like the SSSD Hard Drive or while using the Ballistic Shield, and it will be automatically equipped in these cases if no other weapons with One Handed are equipped.



  • The Senator can destroy a Supply Hellpod in 2 shots
  • Your Helldiver will spin the revolver if the reload button is held.

Change History




  • Increased damage from 150 to 175.
  • Speedloader added when reloading on an empty cylinder–speeds up reload on empty considerably.
  • Added hold reload to spin the revolver.



  • Fixed incorrect armor penetration tags in the menu.