Spread Democracy

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We must show the galaxy that even in the face of oppression, Freedom remains defiant.
Infiltrate this Terminid-infested region and our Flag as an unassailable beacon of Liberty.

— Mission Briefing, Terminid controlled planet

The Spread Democracy is a Mission Objective in Helldivers 2 that can appear on both Terminid and Automaton controlled planets.

Objective Steps

Raise Flag of Super Earth

This location has been strategically chosen to maximize the flag's inspirational impact.

— Mission Briefing

Trivial difficulty will have one main objective, while Easy difficulty will have three main objectives.

  • (If Helldivers are out of range) Move closer to objective
    • Helldivers must move closer to the objective location.
  • Use Stratagem: SUPER EARTH FLAG
  • Flag Raising
    • Helldivers must wait and be near the flag the entire 1 minute and 40 seconds until the objective is complete.
  • Reward: Requisition Slip.svg 500 Requisition and XP.png 100 Experience

Maps At Each Difficulty


  • The Hellpod containing the Flag also has a camera drone, which (due to Drone AI) doesn't actually point at the flag but at nearby (possible) enemy positions.
  • During the flag raising, a song can be heard that isn't used anywhere else in the game.



L-Shaped House and Statue

This variation features an L-Shaped house and a Monument to Liberty.

Small Settlement

This variation features multiple houses and a centralized bonfire.

Helldiver Graveyard

This variation features multiple graves, big and small. Big Helldiver statues are also there. This variation has been observed to spawn in at difficulty Medium Difficulty Icon.pngMedium.

Change History


  • The Spread Democracy mission can now be played on higher difficulties.
  • (Undocumented) added new location variations
  • (Undocumented) reduced amount of main objectives on easy difficulty from 3 to 2
Main Objectives
Activate E-710 Pumps  •  Activate Terminid Control System  •  Conduct Geological Survey  •  Deactivate Terminid Control System  •  Deploy Dark Fluid  •  Destroy Command Bunkers  •  Destroy Transmission Network  •  Earn Your Helldiver Cape  •  Eliminate Automaton Factory Strider  •  Eliminate Automaton Hulks  •  Eliminate Bile Titans  •  Eliminate Brood Commanders  •  Eliminate Chargers  •  Eliminate Devastators  •  Emergency Evacuation  •  Enable E-710 Extraction  •  Eradicate Automaton Forces  •  Eradicate Terminid Swarm  •  Evacuate High-Value Assets  •  Launch ICBM  •  Pump Fuel To ICBM  •  Purge Hatcheries  •  Retrieve Essential Personnel  •  Retrieve Valuable Data  •  Sabotage Air Base  •  Sabotage Supply Bases  •  Spread Democracy  •  Terminate Illegal Broadcast  •  Upload Escape Pod Data
Optional Objectives