Stratagem Jammer

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The Stratagem Jammer is an Optional Objective contained within an Automaton structure. For as long as it is standing, it disables the ability for Helldivers within 150m to call down any Stratagem. To complete the Objective, Helldivers must destroy the structure. It will always have Samples around it.

Objective Steps

  • Destroy Automaton Stratagem Jammer.
    • If SEAF Artillery is available a direct hit from Mini-Nuke, High-Yield Explosive, and Explosive shells can destroy the jammer while it is active/disabled.
    • Helldivers must interact with the terminal at the base of the Jammer to disable it, then call in a Hellbomb or a strong Stratagem of their choosing to destroy it.
  • Reward: 200 Requisition, 50 Experience

Tactical Information

  • Some Jammers are adjacent to a Bot Fabricator, destruction of the fabricator will destroy the Jammer.
  • It's impossible to destroy it with any support weapon.


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