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The Bug Hole is a Terminid icon.png Terminids exclusive structure found primarily in Bug Nests. These holes will continuously deploy new terminid units until they are destroyed. They are usually indicated by yellow-orangish smoke ingame.


Resupply Stratagem Icon.png
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Tactical Information

  • There are various ways of destroying Bug Holes
    • Throwing an Explosive Grenade inside the hole. Smoke and Stun Grenades won't destroy nests.
    • Shooting a grenade inside the hole with the GL-21 Grenade Launcher
    • Shooting explosive weaponry, such as the AC-8 Autocannon
    • Using certain Stratagems, like the Eagle Airstrike or the Orbital Precision Strike
    • Using Hellpod Stratagems, like Resupply, to close the hole. Helldivers are advised that they may not have access to what the Hellpod would've supplied if they do this.
    • Helldivers are advised that deploying Eagle/Orbital/Defensive Stratagems while Helldivers are present may result in accidents.

Artificial Bug Hole

The Artificial Bug Hole variant can only be found in the tutorial. It is impossible to jump into one. It will close once it detects a grenade explosion inside itself.

Main Objectives
Activate E-710 Pumps  •  Activate Terminid Control System  •  Conduct Geological Survey  •  Deactivate Terminid Control System  •  Deploy Dark Fluid  •  Destroy Command Bunkers  •  Destroy Transmission Network  •  Earn Your Helldiver Cape  •  Eliminate Automaton Factory Strider  •  Eliminate Automaton Hulks  •  Eliminate Bile Titans  •  Eliminate Brood Commanders  •  Eliminate Chargers  •  Eliminate Devastators  •  Emergency Evacuation  •  Enable E-710 Extraction  •  Eradicate Automaton Forces  •  Eradicate Terminid Swarm  •  Evacuate High-Value Assets  •  Launch ICBM  •  Nuke Nursery  •  Pump Fuel To ICBM  •  Purge Hatcheries  •  Retrieve Essential Personnel  •  Retrieve Valuable Data  •  Sabotage Air Base  •  Sabotage Supply Bases  •  Spread Democracy  •  Terminate Illegal Broadcast  •  Upload Escape Pod Data
Optional Objectives