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  Terminid   Automaton    

The Automatons have gained ground in this region, constructing a vast network of Fabricators which allow them to replicate extremely rapidly.
We have detected a narrow window of maintenance, giving us a chance to strike at their facilities. Destroy all that you can.

— Mission Briefing

Blitz: Search and Destroy is a Mission in Helldivers 2. To complete the Objective, Helldivers must destroy a specific amount of Automaton Fabricators, which changes with difficulty. Minor Places of Interests can spawn in this Mission type.

Objective Steps

Destroy Automaton Fabricators

Locate and destroy Automaton Fabricators.

— Galactic War Table Description

Tactical Information

  • Due to the presence of Automatons and the low duration of the mission, it's an excellent choice for a Solo Super Sample run
  • Because this mission is about locating Automaton Fabricators, it is recommended to bring Stratagems and Weapons capable of destroying them. Especially those capable of destroying them from very long range, such as:
    • The AC-8 Autocannon. Remember to bounce the shots off of the vent flaps.
    • The R-36 Eruptor. Note that it's maximum range is 125m, but it destroys Fabricators by directly shooting the vents.

Maps At Each Difficulty

Main Objectives
Activate E-710 Pumps  •  Activate Terminid Control System  •  Conduct Geological Survey  •  Deactivate Terminid Control System  •  Deploy Dark Fluid  •  Destroy Command Bunkers  •  Destroy Transmission Network  •  Earn Your Helldiver Cape  •  Eliminate Automaton Factory Strider  •  Eliminate Automaton Hulks  •  Eliminate Bile Titans  •  Eliminate Brood Commanders  •  Eliminate Chargers  •  Eliminate Devastators  •  Emergency Evacuation  •  Enable E-710 Extraction  •  Eradicate Automaton Forces  •  Eradicate Terminid Swarm  •  Evacuate High-Value Assets  •  Launch ICBM  •  Nuke Nursery  •  Pump Fuel To ICBM  •  Purge Hatcheries  •  Retrieve Essential Personnel  •  Retrieve Valuable Data  •  Sabotage Air Base  •  Sabotage Supply Bases  •  Spread Democracy  •  Terminate Illegal Broadcast  •  Upload Escape Pod Data
Optional Objectives