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A massive Terminid Nursery has been discovered here, crawling with millions of freshly-hatched larvae, mere weeks from ravenous adulthood. They must be wiped out, before they reach maturation and kill innocent human children. Terminid Nurseries consist of one or more Nursery Chambers. Use the Hive Breaker Drill to deliver a nuclear extermination device to each one.

— Mission Briefing

Nuke Nursery is a Mission in Helldivers 2. Helldivers must locate 2-3 nursery chambers, call in the Hive Breaker Drill at each drill point, and then detonate the nuclear device that is drilled into the surface.

Objective Steps

  • Find the nursery chamber drill point.
    • Helldivers must locate the drill point within a large circular area.
    • The nursery chamber spawns where the ground appears infested.
    • The nursery chamber may be located visually by a large amount of unmarked Bug Holes, and appears on the map as a circular clearing.
  • Call in Hive Breaker Drill
    • After inputting a stratagem code, the drill will be delivered via Pelican in a large casing, after reaching the surface it will unpack itself and reveal a terminal.
  • Activate Hive Breaker Drill
    • Helldivers must input a 5-direction code to activate the drill.
  • Defend the drill
    • The drilling process will begin and the drill must be defended, if damaged too severely the drilling process will fail.
  • Use drill interface to deploy Nuclear Payload.
    • Requires a single up-direction press on the terminal.
  • Evacuate the area.
    • The drill will detonate after 10 seconds.

Tactical Information

  • Failing the drill defense will return the drill to the initial deactivated state, instead of destroying it.
    • The drill may retain up to 50% of previous total progress when re-activated.
  • After detonation, a very deep crater will be left in the terrain, falling in this crater kills the Helldiver.
  • The Orbital EMS Strike is a very effective strategem for this mission, as it can nearly freeze Terminids attempting to destroy the Drill.


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Added to the game.

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