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Packed to the brim with robotic infantry, Dropships conduct rapid deployment of mindless, mechanized despotism.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

The Dropship is a flying Automaton vehicle with no weapons equipped. Its only purpose is to transport and drop in reinforcements.

Trivial Difficulty Icon.pngTrivial Easy Difficulty Icon.pngEasy Medium Difficulty Icon.pngMedium Challenging Difficulty Icon.pngChallenging Hard Difficulty Icon.pngHard Extreme Difficulty Icon.pngExtreme Suicide Difficulty Icon.pngSuicide Mission Impossible Difficulty Icon.pngImpossible Helldive Difficulty Icon.pngHelldive
40 - 30 mins
30 - 20 mins
20 - 10 mins
10 - 0 mins


Part Name Health* AV** Durable %To Main*** Bleed Fatal
1500 Armor AV5 Icon.png Heavy I 0% - - Yes
Fuselage Main Armor AV5 Icon.png Heavy I 100% 100% None No
Thruster 500 Armor AV5 Icon.png Heavy I 100% 0% None No
* Parts with their HP listed as "Main" do not have their own individual health. All damage dealt to these parts is dealt to the enemy's Main damage pool.
** Refer to armor values as defined in Damage.
*** The percentage of damage that applied to the enemies Main damage pool. At 0 HP, the enemy dies.

Tactical Information

  • The thrusters of the Dropship are its weak points.
    • Destroying any one of its four thrusters will knock it out of the air, likely causing it to fall onto its recently-dropped passengers and explode.
    • Any anti-tank projectile from a rocket launcher such as the EAT-17 Expendable Anti-Tank or LAS-99 Quasar Cannon will destroy a thruster in a single hit.
    • The FAF-14 Spear is not optimal for shooting down Dropships, as its target lock causes it to seek center of the body of its target. Despite dealing more damage than standard rocket launchers, a Spear projectile cannot shoot down a Dropship in one hit unless the wielder is angled in such a way that a thruster is center mass (i.e. the wielder is targeting the Dropship from the direction of one of its corners).
  • If the SEAF SAM Site objective has been completed, it will attempt to aid in shooting down any Dropships and other Automaton aircraft during the mission. However, depending on the location and flight path of the Dropship it may not be able to destroy the Dropship before it can disgorge its cargo.
  • As they are hanging from the underbelly of the Dropship, it is possible to damage and destroy any Automaton passengers before and while they're being deployed. Weapons with large splash damage such as the AC-8 Autocannon can accomplish this most effectively, as this may be more effective than trying to land several shots on the same thruster before it can escape.

Change History


  • Fix: Fixed network desync issue with downed Automaton dropships.


  • The Dropship may accidentally drop in reinforcements into their own mines, potentially killing them.
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