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The Scout Strider is a machine operated by a machine, a walking turret guided by the limited intelligence of an Automaton Trooper. Another fruitless attempt to ape true intelligence, in this case by exercising mastery over a machine even more primitive than themselves.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

Scout Striders are found on Automaton controlled planets on Medium (3) Difficulty and higher. This enemy is comprised of a Trooper riding mechanical legs with a Machine gun attached to the front. The mechanical legs are built using a box-like structure made of medium armor and the legs are made from the same material albeit slightly weaker in health. They move quite quickly in open environments but have slower rotating abilities. They are deadly when facing head on, but extremely vulnerable from behind, as the rider itself has no armor.[1]


  • From the front you can target the legs with a medium armor penetrating weapon,[2] or the head with a well placed shot.
  • Scout Striders are protected by boxy medium armor on the front, meaning most weapons fire will simply bounce off. You'll need a Support Weapon, a grenade, or one of the rare primary weapons with medium armor penetration (e.g. JAR-5 Dominator) to kill these from the front.
  • That medium armor is non-existent on all three other sides, though, leaving the weak driver extremely vulnerable to flanking maneuvers.
  • They're also quite agile and can turn quickly, making it somewhat difficult to run around them in order to shoot at the vulnerable driver.
    • A well timed dive to behind the Scout Strider could be quick enough to take out the rider.
    • Coordinating with team mates to distract them, so another player can shoot the driver, is advised.
  • They will fire their powerful laser cannon at their target frequently, and with no warning, making it very hard to dodge.
  • In a pinch, a well-aimed grenade will kill one or even a tightly packed cluster of Scout Striders (such as immediately after they drop in). The same can be also done with the Grenade Launcher, as aiming just behind the Strider will cause the explosion's area of effect to hit the exposed driver.
  • The joint where their leg meets their body is vulnerable to medium armor-piercing weapons (e.g. the APW-1 Anti-Materiel Rifle). Blowing off a leg will immediately kill the Strider.
  • When using the R-36 Eruptor, it is advised to shoot near the top of the Strider, as this will kill it in one hit. Shots lower than that will not kill the Strider.

Change History


  • Scout strider Riders now less vulnerable to explosions


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  2. Currently, if you are not the network session host, Scout Strider's pilot will not die if you kill them by their limbs.