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The ironclad Devastator seeks to crush opponents of the Automatons' totalitarian worldview with a diverse array of heinous weaponry: arm-cannons, arm-shields, arm-machineguns and arm-rocket-launchers.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page



Equipped with a double-barreled arm cannon and medium torso armor.

They fire a two shot burst, then pause for around 2 seconds before shooting again.

Heavy Devastator

Equipped with a laser machine gun and a large ballistic shield.

They fire a deadly volley of laser fire for 2 seconds, then pause for half a second before shooting again. Their ballistic shield is heavy armor, but doesn't cover their head, so they're still easily dispatched by accurate fire. They also have a battery backpack that can be destroyed to dispatch the Heavy Devastator.

Rocket Devastator

Equipped with shoulder mounted rocket pods, as well as the same double-barreled arm cannon as the standard model. They lean forwards slightly and brace before firing their rockets. Destroying the rocket pods limits them to the same weapons as a standard devastator.

Tactical Information

  • Their body is clad in medium armor but their head, abdomen and legs are vulnerable. A significant number of weapons can destroy a Devastator with a single headshot, such as the P-4 Senator and the SG-8 Slugger, so precision is highly rewarded. This carries some risk, however, as missed headshots will be deflected by their medium torso armour. Abdomen or leg shots (including under a heavy Devastator's shield) can provide a more consistent method to destroy them.
  • Despite their slow movements, they'll use different weapons to try and target any Helldiver. The best bet is to use shotguns or medium penetration weaponry on their limbs, to slow them down or remove weapons. Be wary of getting too close as they will use melee attacks if confronted!
  • For the tougher variants, Explosives, and Stratagems like the Eagle Cluster Bomb, Barrages, and the AC-8 Autocannon or APW-1 Anti-Materiel Rifle are excellent at taking them down.
  • Rocket Devastators are accurate and deadly even at range, and should be considered a high-priority target at all times. In a pinch, any weapon can be used to destroy their rocket pods, essentially reducing it to a Standard Devastator.
  • Heavy Devastators fire relentlessly, dealing lethal damage up close and causing repeated flinches on players even at long distances, making them a constant nuisance, and their shields offer them significant protection. However, a number of weapons can stagger them, forcing them to lower their shield for a moment and opening them up to further damage, such as high-explosive grenades, shotguns and the Autocannon. Help your teammates! They will also lower their shield to destroy obstacles like fences or crates in their path.
  • In general, if unable to quickly kill a Devastator, staggering them while piling on damage is a very reliable strategy. The most obvious candidates for this are variants of the SG-8 Punisher. With sustained fire, the Devastator can be kept off-balance, preventing it from unleashing its powerful weaponry and keeping it helpless until sufficient damage or a more precise headshot can be landed.
  • The use of explosive weapons on the hips/legs can rapidly deconstruct most devastators.

Update History


  • Devastator fire rate slightly increased (only standard devastator)
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