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Troopers are little more than guns with legs, base caricatures of consciousness fused to machine guns and rocket launchers. Unlike Super Earth, the bots seem to believe that strapping heavy weaponry to expendable cannon fodder is the solution to every problem.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

Troopers are the light infantry of the Automatons, and come in several types:

  • Trooper / Raider - Equipped with a rifle and grenades.
  • Brawler - Equipped with dual heat blades.
  • Marauder / MG Raider - Equipped with a machine gun.
  • Rocket Raider - Equipped with a rocket launcher.
  • Assault Raider - Equipped with a jump pack, pistol, and heat blade. (Grenades?)
  • Commissar - Equipped with a pistol, heat blade, and grenades.


  • All Trooper variants can be suppressed by shooting at them; this will reduce the accuracy of their fire. A quick burst can protect you from massed fire even if it doesn't hit anything. This is especially useful against Rocket Raiders at long range.
  • All Troopers are equipped with a hidden flare launcher in their left arm, which can be used to call in reinforcements via Dropship. They will raise their arm and fire a red flare into the sky. Destroying the Trooper before it can finish launching the flare will prevent the Dropship from being called in. Normally Commissars will do this first if any are present, but all Troopers will attempt to call for reinforcements (on a noticeable delay) if no Commissars are around.
  • Grenades and headshots will reliably one-shot all Trooper types. Their limbs and torsos are not much stronger, however, and can usually be destroyed by two or three hits at most, depending on the weapon.
  • Troopers and Raiders seem to be completely identical in appearance, equipment, and behavior. The only way to tell the difference is by Marking them (default Q on PC), or by the message when you're killed by one. The same applies to Marauders and MG Raiders.
  • The blaster pistol used by Commissars and Assault Raiders can fire up to three shots before a lengthy pause to cool down. The blaster rifle used by Troopers and Raiders can fire five times. The machine gun used by Marauders and MG Raiders can fire almost continuously, pausing only briefly after 12 shots, making them very dangerous at medium-close range.
  • Marauders and MG Raiders can be immediately recognized by the two heat sink fins rising from their back-mounted powerpack. This powerpack explodes when hit, and may destroy nearby Troopers.
  • Rocket Raiders are particularly deadly due to their use of rocket launchers, and were infamous for their ability to one-shot Helldivers out of the blue prior to explosive damage application being fixed. They are still very dangerous, especially to lighter armors, but are much more survivable (especially for heavy armors with explosive damage resistance).
  • Assault Raiders will use their jump packs to rapidly close distance. Their pistol and heat blade are not very dangerous, but their jump pack explodes violently when hit, and it's so large that it's easy to hit it by mistake. Try to shoot them from a distance, ideally when they're near other Automatons. If you must engage at close range, try to aim for the legs, and/or dive backwards while firing to escape the blast radius.


  • The Trooper has its own variant of the "Charger posting" meme.
  • In addition to their powerpack, Marauders and MG Raiders have a slightly different body model than the other Troopers, with a black faceplate, larger shoulder pads, more chest hoses, and more brightly-polished metal parts in general. This does not seem to make them any tougher, however.
  • Rocket Raiders may be compelled to shoot the wall directly in front of them if the Helldiver positions themselves correctly. However, they will not die to one of their own rocket shots.
  • The glowing blades used by Brawlers, Commissars, and Assault Raiders appear to be red-hot metal, not just energy.

Change History


  • Assault Jetpack: Fire damage per tick increased by 50% (from all sources).
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