Eagle Airstrike

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A barrage of bombs creating a non-targeted carpet of explosions. When called the strike will be Perpendicular from the direction you were facing when thrown.

— Ship Management Terminal


  • Call-in Time: 0 Seconds
  • Uses: 2
  • Cooldown Time: 15 Seconds

Detailed Weapon Statistics

Eagle Airstrike
Eagle Stock 2
Cooldown 15 sec
Capacity 6
Bomb 100kg Projectile
Eagle Bomb 100kg Explosion
Bomb 100kg
Caliber 25 mm
Mass 100 g
Initial Velocity 500 m/s
Drag Factor 50%
Gravity Factor 100%
Penetration Slowdown 25%
Standard 500
vs. Durable 500
Direct Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
Slight Angle Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
Large Angle Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
Extreme Angle Armor AP0 Icon.png Unarmored
Special Effects
Demolition Force 40
Stagger Force 20
Push Force 15
Eagle Bomb 100kg
Area of Effect
Inner Radius 5 m
Outer Radius 10 m
Shockwave Radius 14 m
Inner Radius 800
Outer Radius 799 - 0
Inner Radius Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
Outer Radius Armor AP4 Icon.png Medium II
Shockwave Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
AoE Effect
Demolition Force 40
Stagger Force 50
Push Force 40

Gameplay Tips

  • The airstrike is a very potent stratagem, able to do significant damage to even larger enemies such as chargers and bile titans if they are hit by the bombs.
  • Fabricators and bug holes can be destroyed by the explosions from the airstrike. This allows you to destroy these spawners without getting too close.

Applicable Ship Modules

The following Ship Modules affect the Eagle Airstrike:

Department Ship Module Effect
Hangar Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit Reduces the cooldown time from 15 seconds to 7.5 seconds. Rounded to 8 in game.
Pit Crew Hazard Pay Reduces the rearm time when out of charges by 20%
Expanded Weapons Bay Increases the number of uses per rearm from 2 to 3
XXL Weapons Bay Increases number of bombs dropped from 6 to 7.


Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the Eagle Airstrike