R-63 Diligence

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This high-caliber marksman rifle trades magazine capacity and rate of fire for powerful, accurate shots.

— Armory Description

The R-63 Diligence is a marksman rifle that fires high damaging shots. Although it does not have as much damage as assault rifles, it makes up for it when the user takes the time to line up and hit weakspots on enemies. The Diligence kills most enemies in one to two shots in the head.


It is unlocked on the 2nd page of the Helldivers Mobilize Warbond for 8 Medals.

Detailed Weapon Statistics

R-63 Diligence
Fire Rate 350 rpm
Recoil 35
Capacity 20
Reload Time 3 s
Tactical Reload 1.9 s
Spare Magazines 8
Starting Magazines 5
Mags from Supply 8
Mags from Ammo Box 4
Rifle 9x70mm Full Metal Jacket Projectile
Rifle 9x70mm Full Metal Jacket
Caliber 9 mm
Mass 20 g
Initial Velocity 850 m/s
Drag Factor 30%
Gravity Factor 100%
Penetration Slowdown 25%
Standard 125
vs. Durable 32
Direct Armor AP2 Icon.png Light II
Slight Angle Armor AP2 Icon.png Light II
Large Angle Armor AP2 Icon.png Light II
Extreme Angle Armor AP0 Icon.png Unarmored
Special Effects
Demolition Force 10
Stagger Force 15
Push Force 14

Tactical Information

  • Due to the nature of this weapon, it is more suitable to take longer range engagements and take your time to hit weakpoints.
  • This weapon excels when playing a more stealthy approach as you can get one kill per shot if aimed properly.
  • Against medium sized enemies such as devastators and brood commanders, two shots to the head will kill.
  • Using this weapon in an effective way can make it one of the better options. First-Person and fast shooting makes this a worthy weapon.


Change History




  • Increased projectile damage against durable body parts from 10% to 25%.



  • Damage increased from 112 to 125.